ocr a-level chemistry

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Chapter 2 - Atoms, ions and compounds
What makes up an atom,
What can an electron be thought o...,
What is an atomic orbital
23  cards
Chapter 3 - Amount of substance
What is a mole and give the equat...,
What is the avogadro constant,
What is the molecular formula
24  cards
Chapter 4 - Acids and bases
What is an acid,
What is a strong acid,
What is a weak acid
28  cards
Chapter 5 - Electrons and bonding
What is the shell number energy l...,
What are shells made up of,
How many electrons can an orbital...
17  cards
Chapter 6 - Shapes of molecules and intermolecular forces
What is the electron pair repulsi...,
Give the wedges used to visualise...,
Give the relative repulsions betw...
24  cards
Chapter 7 - Periodicity
Who created the modern periodic t...,
How were the elements ordered by ...,
What did mendeleev do that no one...
23  cards
Chapter 8 - Reactivity trends
What are the group 2 elements called,
List 3 properties of group 2 metals,
What kind of agents are group 2 m...
51  cards
Chapter 9 - Enthalpy
What is a chemical system,
What is enthalpy,
What is enthalpy change change in h
23  cards
Chapter 10 - Reaction rates and equilibrium
What is the rate of a chemical re...,
Describe the general rate through...,
Draw concentration time graph of ...
32  cards
Chapter 11 - Basic concepts of organic chemistry
What is a hydrocarbon,
What is a saturated hydrocarbon,
What is a unsaturated hydrocarbon
33  cards
Chapter 12 - Alkanes
What is the general formula of an...,
Are alkanes unsaturated or satura...,
What type of covalent bond featur...
24  cards
Chapter 13 - Alkenes
What is the general formula of al...,
Are alkenes unsaturated or satura...,
Describe bonding in an alkene
41  cards
Chapter 14 - Alcohols
What s the functional group of al...,
Are alcohols polar,
What is volatility
38  cards
Chapter 15 - haloalkanes
What are haloalkanes,
What is a nucleophile,
Gives examples of nucleophiles
20  cards
Chapter 16 - Organic synthesis
What does a set of quick fit appa...,
What is heating under reflux used...,
Why are anti bumping granules used
10  cards
Chapter 17 - Spectroscopy
What does a mass spectrometer detect,
Describe mass spectrometry process,
How is the molecular mass found f...
27  cards
Module 5 - Physical chemistry and transition elements
0  cards
Chapter 18 - Rates of equations
For reactant a and power n give t...,
What is a zero,
What is a first order reaction
33  cards
Chapter 19 - Equilibrium
What is homogeneous equilibrium,
What is heterogeneous equilibrium,
How do you calculate kc of hetero...
17  cards
Chapter 20 - Acids, bases, and PH
What is the important chemical co...,
Briefly describe the arrhenius mo...,
What is a bronsted lowry acid
40  cards
Chapter 21 - Buffers and neutralisation
What is a buffer solution,
What 2 components does a buffer s...,
How can a weak acid buffer soluti...
39  cards
Chapter 22 - Enthalpy and entropy
What is lattice enthalpy,
Write the equation for lattice en...,
Is lattice enthalpy endothermic o...
48  cards
Chapter 23 - Redox and electrode potentials
What is an oxidising agent,
What is a reducing agent,
What is the oxidising agent and r...
61  cards
Chapter 24 - Transition elements
What are d block elements,
What are some common properties o...,
What are the 2 irregularities in ...
73  cards
Module 6 - Organic chemistry and analysis
0  cards
Chapter 25 - Aromatic chemistry
What is benzene,
Define arene,
What was kekule s model of benzene
37  cards
Chapter 26 - Carbonyls and carboxylic acids
What is the carbonyl group,
What does oxidation of an aldehyd...,
What are the reagents of oxidatio...
47  cards
Chapter 27 - Amines, amino acids and polymers
What are amines,
What is a primary amine,
How do you name primary amines
49  cards
Chapter 28 - Organic synthesis
What is filtration under reduced ...,
How do you carry out filtartion u...,
What is recrystallisation used fo...
8  cards
Chapter 29 - Chromatography and spectroscopy
What is chromatography used for,
What is the stationary phase
53  cards

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