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Chapter 2: Foundations in Physics
How do you measure percentage unc...,
3  cards
Chapter 3: Motion
16  cards
Chapter 4: Forces in Action
What does a greater mass lead to,
48  cards
Chapter 5: Work, Energy and Power
When is work done,
What is the equation for work done,
What are some assumptions made wi...
16  cards
Chapter 6: Materials
What is meant by the extension an...,
What happens to the spring when t...,
What is hooke s law
25  cards
Chapter 8 Charge and Current
What is electric current,
How is current measured in a circuit,
What is charge
38  cards
Chapter 9: Energy, Power and Resistance
What are the rules when drawing a...,
Potential difference
37  cards
Chapter 10: Electrical Circuits
What is kirchhoff s second law,
How do you find the total resista...,
How do you find the total resista...
25  cards
Chapter 11: Waves
Cause of wave,
Progressive wave,
What happens to a wave as it move...
40  cards
Chapter 12: Waves 2
What is superposition,
Principle of superposition,
Constructive interference
36  cards
Chapter 13: Quantum Physics
How are em waves released,
20  cards
Chapter 14: Thermal Physics
How is thermal energy transferred,
Thermal equilibirum,
Conditions for thermal equilibrium
53  cards
Chapter 16: Circular Motion
How are angles measured in this s...,
Arc length expression,
Degrees to radians
19  cards
Chapter 17: Oscillations
Simple harmonic motion,
Restoring force,
Acceleration of shm equation
3  cards
PAG 1.1 - Comparing Methods of Determining
What is meant by freefall,
What is g,
Why can we use suvat equations wh...
20  cards
PAG 1.2 - Investigating Terminal Velocity
What safety precautions should be...,
Suggest why light gates shouldn t...,
What forces act on the ball as it...
15  cards
PAG 1.3 - Investigating Initial Speed And Stopping Distance
What is an interrupt card,
How can initial velocity be calcu...,
Where should the light gate be se...
12  cards
PAG 3.1 - Determination of Resistivity
Equation used to calculate the re...,
How does the resistance of a wire...,
How does the resistance of the wi...
19  cards
PAG 3.2 - Investigating Electrical Characteristics
How can the current be measured i...,
How can the potential difference ...,
What is a rheostat
13  cards
PAG 3.3 - Determining Internal Resistance And Maximum Power Of A Cell
What is a source s internal resis...,
What is the emf of a power source,
State the equation used to calcul...
13  cards
PAG 4.1 - Investigating Electrical Circuits
How can you calculate the total r...,
How can you calculate the total r...,
What device can be used to check ...
7  cards
PAG 4.3 - Using Non-ohmic Devices As Sensors
How does the resistance of a ntc ...,
Why should you avoid heating the ...,
What is the advantage of heating ...
20  cards
PAG 5.1 - Determining Wavelength of Light using a Diffraction grating
What safety precautions should be...,
Why should the screen you use to ...,
What is monochromatic light
14  cards
PAG 5.2 - Determining the Speed of Sound Using a Resonant Tube
What is formed at the closed end ...,
What is a node,
What forms at the open end of a t...
9  cards
PAG 5.3 - Measuring frequency and amplitude using an oscilloscope
What does an oscilloscope trace l...,
If the time base is switched off ...,
What will an oscilloscope trace l...
11  cards
PAG 5.4 - Determining Wavelength Using Diffraction from a CD
What equation relates wavelength ...,
What happens to light as it passe...,
Describe the diffraction pattern ...
7  cards
PAG 6.1 - Determining the Planck's Constant
Describe the i v characteristic o...,
What is threshold voltage,
How can threshold voltage be obta...
14  cards
PAG 6.2 - Experiments with Light
What quantity does not change dur...,
Suggest a suitable source to inve...
5  cards
PAG 6.3 - Experiments with Polarisation
0  cards

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