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Definitions (Understand)
Atomic number,
Relative formula mass,
Relative molecular mass
46  cards
Practical Techniques
How would you convert between m 3...,
How would you convert between dm ...,
What must you do if you are looki...
16  cards
Chapter 2: Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes (2.1-2.3)
Nitrate formula,
Carbonate formula,
Sulfate formula
12  cards
Chapter 3: Amount of substance (3.1-3.4)
Water of crystallisation,
How do you work out the water of ...
14  cards
Chapter 4: Acids And Redox (4.1-4.3)
What happens when you add a base ...,
What is the ionic equation of rea...,
How do you make a standard solution
21  cards
Chapter 5: Electron and bonding (5.1-5.3)
What are the maximum number of el...,
What are the four types of atomic...,
What are the four features of an ...
29  cards
Chapter 6: Shapes of molecules and intermolecular forces (6.1, 6.2)
What are the three types of inter...,
How do induced dipole dipole inte...,
4 bonded pairs 0 lone pairs
28  cards
Chapter 7: Periodicity (7.2,7.3)
What is ionisation energy,
What is the trend in first ionisa...,
Explain why first ionisation ener...
18  cards
Chapter 8: Reactivity trends (8.3)
Test for carbonate ions co3 2,
Test for sulphate ions so4 2,
Test for halide ions cl br i
33  cards
Chapter 9: Enthalpy (9.1-9.4)
Exothermic reactions,
Endothermic reactions,
Standard enthalpy changes are mea...
18  cards
Chapter 10 - Reaction Rates And Equilibrium (10.1-10.5)
How do you work out the rate of a...,
What are the units for the rate o...,
How can you measure a rate of rea...
39  cards
Chapter 11: basic concepts of organic chemistry (11.2-11.5)
3 ways to classify hydrocarbons,
What are the three homologous ser...,
Naming cyclic alkanes
19  cards
Chapter 12: Alkanes (12.1-12.2)
General formula of alkanes,
Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbon...,
Properties of sigma bonds
17  cards
Chapter 13: Alkenes (13.1-13.5)
General formula for alkenes,
Properties of the c c double bond,
Properties of the bond
32  cards
Chapter 14: Alcohols (14.1-14.2)
General formula of alcohols,
Alcohol functional group,
Polarity of alcohols
14  cards
Chapter 15: Haloalkanes 15.1-15.2)
General formula of a haloalkane,
Functional group of haloalkanes,
Polarity of haloalkanes
14  cards
Chapter 16: Organic Synthesis
What happens when you react a hal...,
Forming nitriles from aldehydes a...,
Reduction of nitriles
5  cards
Chapter 17 - Infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (17.1-17.2)
How do you work out the mr from a...,
Why will there sometimes be a ver...,
What is fragmentation
20  cards
Chapter 18: Rates of Reaction (18.1 - 18.5)
Define rate of reaction,
Equation for rate of reaction,
What is order
24  cards
Chapter 19 - Equilibrium
What is homogeneous equilibria,
What is heterogeneous equilibria,
How does the kc formula change fo...
18  cards
Chapter 20: Acids, Bases, and pH (20.1-20.5)
What is a bronsted lowry acid,
What is a bronsted lowry base,
The general equation for acid dis...
35  cards
Chapter 21: Buffers and Neutralisation (21.1-21.3)
What are buffer solutions used for,
How does an acid buffer work,
Preparing a buffer solution from ...
12  cards
Chapter 22: enthalpy and entropy (22.1 - 22.3)
What does lattice enthalpy measure,
Define lattice enthalpy latt h,
How do you work out lattice entha...
24  cards
Chapter 23 - Redox & Electrode Potentials
How do you make a simple half cell,
What is an ion half cell and give...,
What sort of electrode is used in...
32  cards
Chapter 24 - Transition Elements
What is the role of cis platin in...,
What is a ligand substitution rea...,
When copper ii sulfate is dissolv...
46  cards
Chapter 25 - Aromatic Compounds
What does the kekule model suggest,
What evidence is there to disprov...,
What evidence is there to disprov...
39  cards
Chapter 26 - Carbonyls And Carboxylic Acids
Why are carbonyls more reactive t...,
How do you reduce an aldehyde to ...,
How do you make a hydroxynitrile
33  cards
Chapter 27: Amines, Amino Acids, and Proteins (27.1 - 27.3)
Formula of ammonia,
What are amines,
What is an aliphatic amine
29  cards
Chapter 29: Chromotography and NMR Spectroscopy
How does nmr spectroscopy work,
What is used as the standard for ...,
What effects somethings chemical ...
27  cards

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