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B1.1 Cell Structures
Eukaryotic cell,
Prokaryotic cell,
Name the organelles all eukaryoti...
30  cards
B1.2 What happens in cells
State the role of dna in the body,
Place in size order gene chromoso...,
What is dna
30  cards
B1.3 Respiration
Carbohydrates are organic molecul...,
Monosaccharides are,
Disaccharides can be formed from
33  cards
B1.4 Photoshynthesis
Define photosynthesis,
State the reactants of photosynth...,
State the products of photosynthesis
32  cards
B2.1 Supplying the Cell - Part 1
What is diffusion,
Particles move and by diffusion,
What key gases do we need to diff...
24  cards
B2.1 Supplying the cell - Part 2
Define mitosis,
What is the cell cycle,
Why is interphase important
20  cards
B2.1 Supplying the cell - Part 3
What is differentiation,
What is produced once a sperm cel...,
By what process does a zygote divide
22  cards
B2.2 Challenges of Size - Animal Transport
What is surface area to volume ratio,
In what format should surface are...,
Why can a tapeworm rely upon diff...
20  cards
B2.2 Challenges of Size - Plant Transport
State the function of the xylem,
State the function of the phloem,
Name the structure formed by xyle...
24  cards
B3.1 The Nervous system - Brain
What is the function of the brain,
Approximately how many neurones d...,
How is the delicate nervous tissu...
23  cards
B3.1 The Nervous system - Eye
Describe and state the function o...,
Describe and state the function o...,
Describe and state the function o...
21  cards
B3.1 The Nervous system - Structure & Function
What is the function of the nervo...,
State the name given to a change ...,
Name the group of cells responsib...
28  cards
B3.2 The Endocrine System - Plant Hormones
What is a tropism,
What is the difference between a ...,
Define phototropism
25  cards
B5.2 Natural Selection & Evolution
Evidence that shows change has ta...,
What does the evidence for fossil...,
Why are fossils a significant sou...
30  cards

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