OCR GCSE Classical Civilisation Myth and Religion

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Greek Gods
The responsibilities, symbols and representations in art of the Greek Gods
97  cards
Roman Gods
What was the roman name for the g...,
What was the roman name for the g...,
What was the roman name for the g...
59  cards
Heracles Birth & Early life (Greek)
What was heracles the founder of,
What type of games were the origi...,
When were the olympic games founded
50  cards
Heracles and the 12 labours (Greek)
Who sent heracles on the 12 labours,
How many labours were there origi...,
Why did heracles complete 12 labo...
108  cards
founding of the the Olympic games
Who are the two people who are th...,
During which one of heracles labo...,
What happened after heracles comp...
30  cards
Hercules (roman)
Where did romans inherit their id...,
Which roman poets write about her...,
What did virgil write about hercu...
48  cards
Greek Temples ( Parthenon & Temple of Zeus)
Where did people in the classical...,
True or false everyone was allowe...,
What was the purpose of a greek t...
88  cards
Greeks roles and practices in the Temple
What were greek priests called,
What were greek priestesses called,
What does hiereus translate to
15  cards
Roman Temples (Fortuna Virilis & The Pantheon)
What was the most important part ...,
What were roman temples placed on,
Which way did all roman temples face
42  cards
Roman Roles and practices in the Temple
How many pontifices were there us...,
What were the most important prie...,
What was the leader of the pontif...
60  cards
The naming of Athens
Who was the first king of athens,
Which historical writer wrote abo...,
Which two gods were competing ove...
10  cards
Theseus (Greek)
Who is theseus father,
Retell story of theseus birth,
Which hero was theseus related to
41  cards
Aeneas and founding of the Roman Race
What is the book that details aen...,
Who was aeneas parents,
Who was aeneas son
13  cards
Romulus and the founding of Rome
Who was romulus and remus parents,
What tyrant did romulus remus ove...,
Which hero is romulus remus relat...
23  cards
Greek festivals
What is a festival,
Name two greek festivals,
Who was the great panathenia dedi...
63  cards
Roman Festivals
Name two roman festivals,
When was the lupercalia observed,
Why was the lupercalia celebrated
50  cards
Greek Propaganda
What is ancient propaganda,
What were myths typically depicte...,
What is the centauromachy
15  cards
Roman Propaganda
Name 2 symbols of power,
2  cards
Death and Burial(Greece)
What were the key parts of a gree...,
What were the greeks views on dea...,
What were the preparations of the...
34  cards
Death and Burial(Rome)
What happened in the first centur...,
How was romans views on death sim...,
Where was wealthy buried
40  cards

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