OD1 - Integrated Ophthalmic Sciences & Preclinical Optometry

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BS - Connective Tissue, Sclera and Vitreous - Week 1
Where does connective tissue orig...,
What is connective tissue made of,
What kind of connective tissue is...
68  cards
BS - Layers of the Retina - Week 1
What is the innermost layer of th...,
What comes after the retinal pigm...,
What comes after the photorecepto...
13  cards
OP - What is Light? - Week 1
Do all photoreceptors of all eyes...,
What percentage of the light reac...,
What is the minimum range number ...
17  cards
OP - Measuring Light - Week 1
What is the difference between ph...,
What is a primary source of light...,
What are the four basic radiometr...
19  cards
PC - Ametropia and Emmetropia - Week 1
What two structures do the majori...,
Define emmetropia,
Define accommodation
28  cards
OP - How is Light Produced? - Week 1
At what temperature do objects be...,
Name the two categories of light ...,
Define colour temperature
15  cards
VF - Visual Psychophysics - Week 1
How can the mechanisms of a black...,
Define threshold,
What is the threshold for wavelen...
25  cards
BS - Microscopy, General Ocular Structure & Embryology - Week 1
What charge does haemotoxylin hav...,
What can haemotoxylin be used to ...,
What charge does eosin have and w...
56  cards
VF - Spatial Vision - Week 2
What contrast level is a snellen ...,
What kind of functions can a grat...,
In a sine wave contrast function ...
41  cards
BS - Cornea Structure and Metabolism Part 1 - Week 2
What effect does aging have on tr...,
Are corneal nerve myelinated,
Does the cornea have blood vessels
61  cards
PC - Visual Acuity - Week 2
Define visual acuity,
Define detection and the number o...,
Define discrimination describe th...
33  cards
PC - Retinoscopy - Week 2
How do retinoscopes work,
Describe the basics of how a reti...,
What is the objective of retinoscopy
26  cards
OP - Interaction of Light and Matter - Scattering and Polarisation - Week 2
What happens when changes occur t...,
What happens when light hits an atom,
What is polarised light
18  cards
OP - Bending and Reflecting Light - Week 2
Define snells law,
What is a rule of thumb using sne...,
What is the critical angle define...
4  cards
BS - Uvea - Week 2
Where does the choroid begin,
What is the function of ciliary b...,
What is the pars plicata
67  cards
VF - Binocular Vision Introduction - Week 2
Describe 4 benefits of binocular ...,
Describe a disadvantage of binocu...
2  cards
VF - Binocular Vision - Fusion and Heterophoria - Week 2
Describe how versions can be meas...,
Describe the pushup method of con...,
How does a prism bend light how d...
21  cards
BS - Cornea Structure and Metabolism Part 2 - Week 2
Does corneal thickness vary in th...,
Is corneal thickness maintained t...,
What happens to corneal thickness...
27  cards
BS - Retina Part 1 - Week 3
Name the two types of glial cells...,
Define soma,
Compare electrical synapse vs che...
36  cards
BS - Retina Part 2 - Week 3
Are bipolar and amacrine cells ev...,
How many kinds of bipolar cells a...,
Describe rod bipolar cells and co...
21  cards
BS - Anterior Chamber - Week 3
What is the normal intraocular pr...,
Define the anterior chamber angle...,
What is the scleral sulcus and wh...
25  cards
PC - Heterophoria/tropia - Week 3
Describe what happens to the eye ...,
Describe orthophoria how is this ...,
Describe heterophoria how is this...
36  cards
PC - Visual Fields - Week 3
How can the visual field be repre...,
What are amsler grids used for wh...,
Describe what amsler grids are an...
24  cards
VF - Horopter - Week 3
Define corresponding points,
Define disparate points,
Describe the theoretical point ho...
14  cards
OP - Image Formation and Ray Tracing - Week 3
What is the minimum number of ray...,
How are virtual images formed des...,
What is a beam that is neither co...
7  cards
OP - Principles of Paraxial Optics - Week 3
Define a paraxial ray,
Why are paraxial rays significant,
Describe taylor series approximat...
11  cards
OP - How Thin Lenses Work - Week 3
Define a thin lens describe the t...,
Bearing the thin lens equation in...,
Describe the formula for the powe...
18  cards
VF - Stereopsis - Week 3
Name the three sources of informa...,
Describe the interpretation of si...,
Describe the terror sub terra exa...
21  cards
PC - Subjective Refraction 1 - Week 4
How many lines of drop can be exp...,
Define subjective refraction,
What are the three components to ...
19  cards
BS - Aqueous Humour - Week 4
What volume does the aqueous humo...,
What makes the aqueous humour,
Describe the path aqueous humour ...
25  cards
VF - Spatial Vision - Week 4
0  cards
OP - How Thick Lenses Work - Week 4
0  cards
OP - Apertures, Stops & Pupils - Week 4
Define how vignetting occurs and ...,
Name 3 things that an aperture af...,
What is the aperture stop of a ke...
8  cards
VF - Temporal Vision 1 - Week 4
Which cells detect flicker and ar...,
Define blochs law,
Define critical flicker frequency
11  cards
PC - Routine Screening 1 - Week 4
On which population must stereops...,
What could a sudden onset of stra...,
Define and describe how npc is ca...
30  cards
OP - Telescopes - Week 4
What are the two classifications ...,
Which type of telescope is more c...,
What is the similarities and diff...
20  cards
OP - Magnifiers, Microscopes & Slit-Lamp Bio-Microscopes - Week 4
0  cards
VF - Ocular Accommodation 1 - Week 4
By what age is accommodation full...,
What are the three muscle types o...,
What kind of motion occurs when c...
26  cards
BS - Lens Structure & Metabolism 1 - Week 5
Describe the percentage compositi...,
Does the lens have any neurovascu...,
Are lens cells shed
60  cards
BS - Lens Structure & Metabolism 2 - Week 5
What is the most common cause of ...,
Name the four types of cataracts ...,
Define iatrogenic
15  cards
PC - Clinical Assessment of Contrast Sensitivity - Week 5
True or falseit is not possible t...,
Contrast sensitivity often used i...,
At which spatial frequencies does...
17  cards
BS - Temporal Vision 2 - Week 5
Define non direction selective an...,
Are motion direction selective ce...
2  cards
BS - Pupil Anatomy & Innervation - Week 5
Name the three major roles of the...,
Define miosis and mydriasis by th...,
How does the pupil change with age
18  cards
BS - Pupil Function, Malfunction & Assessment - Week 5
What would greater anisocoria in ...,
What would greater anisocoria in ...,
What are 5 causes for irregular p...
22  cards
VF - Eye Movements 1 - What & Why? - Week 5
What are the advantages and disad...,
What are the advantages and disad...,
What perfentage of the retina doe...
13  cards
VF - Eye Movements 2 - Mechanics - Week 5
Define donders law,
Define listings law,
Define the basis for pulleys in t...
8  cards
IOS/PC - Case Study: Horner's Syndrome - Week 5
Consider the following clinical c...,
Consider the following clinical c...,
Consider the following clinical c...
8  cards
OP - Field of View - Week 6
0  cards
VF - Eye Movements 3 - Saccades/Pursuit - Week 6
Name three subsystems of gaze shi...,
Define the following in terms of ...,
Name the nerve of the final commo...
29  cards
VF - Eye Movements 4 - Optokinetic, Vestibulo-Ocular & Vergence Pathways - Week 6
What are the two functions of the...,
Define what is meant by translati...,
With what are the semicircular ca...
25  cards
VF - Eye Movements 5 - Central & Peripheral Abnormalities - Week 6
What can be a cause of muscular a...,
Name a consequence of orbital per...,
Define proptosis
26  cards
VF - Binocular Eye Movement - Week 6
Define version,
Define yoked conjugate muscles an...,
In what instance does herings law...
12  cards
VF - Eye Movement Testing - Week 6
What is the double h test useful ...,
When assessing the alignment of a...,
How can smooth pursuit be assesse...
16  cards
VF - Absolute Threshold - Week 6
Consider an experiment to measure...,
Consider an experiment to measure...,
Is luminance a parameter that aff...
31  cards
VF - Intensity Discrimination - Week 6
Why is intensity discrimination i...,
Define 4 means by which intensity...,
In terms of a threshold vs intens...
24  cards
BS - Photopigments - Week 7
Describe a rhodopsin molecule wha...,
Describe the chromophore of rhodo...,
What percentage of rhodopsin is l...
29  cards
BS - Optic Nerve - Week 7
How long is the optic nerve,
What percentage of the informatio...,
Consider the optic nerve what doe...
37  cards
OP - Thin Lens Designs - Week 7
0  cards
OP - Two Lens Design and Multi-Lens Designs - Week 7
0  cards
BS - Phototransduction and Neurotransmission - Week 8
What is the difference between mo...,
What involvement of response are ...,
What kind of cascade is phototran...
40  cards
OP - Vertometers & Keratometers - Week 8
What is the function of a vertometer,
What are spectacle lenses usually...,
Describe the initial setup for a ...
38  cards
OP - The Optics of Retinoscopy - Week 8
What is the purpose of retinoscopy,
When is retinoscopy used,
When may retinoscopy be the only ...
7  cards
OP - Sphero-cylindrical Lenses - Week 8
What does a positive power cylind...,
Define the formula for the power ...,
Define the two axes of a cylindri...
16  cards
VF - Dark Adaptation - Week 8
Define light adaptation,
Define dark adaptation,
When is dark adaptation most noti...
42  cards
VF - Colour Vision 1 - Week 8
What is the true organ of vision,
Explain newtons experimentum cruc...,
Define the following sunlightskyl...
20  cards
VF - Colour Vision 2 - Week 8
0  cards
VF - Colour Vision 3 - Week 9
0  cards
PC - Clinical Assessment of Colour Vision - Week 9
Name 6 indications for testing co...,
Describe examples of why colour v...,
What is the prevalence of cvd in ...
40  cards
OP - Ergonomics of Optical Design - Week 9
What happens to depth of field as...,
What s the minimum eye relief you...,
Define eye relief
10  cards
BS - Brain, Skull & Cranial Nerves - Week 9
Define fissure,
Define foramen,
What is an incomplete foramen called
88  cards
BS - Introductory Neuroscience - Week 9
0  cards
VF - Electroretinogram - Week 10
0  cards
BS - Bleaching and Recycling - Week 10
What are rpe cells and where are ...,
Name 6 functions of rpe cells,
How many photoreceptors does each...
43  cards
OP - Field of View Spectacles - Week 10
0  cards
OP - Introduction to Aberrations - Week 10
What is the effect of aberrations,
What are the types of achromatic ...,
What is the difference between po...
27  cards
OP - Seidel Aberration Theory - Week 10
How are the following aberrations...,
How are the following aberrations...,
What limits shape factor
4  cards
BS - Cranial Nerves - Names and Function
What is cranial nerve i,
What is cranial nerve ii,
What is cranial nerve iii
32  cards
BS - Extraocular Muscles - Week 11
0  cards
BS - Anatomy of the Visual Pathway - Week 11
0  cards
OP - Aspheric Surfaces and Aberrations - Week 11
0  cards
OP - Chromatic Aberrations - Week 11
What wavelength colour light woul...,
Does lens power differ with wavel...,
When can you get both transverse ...
8  cards
OP - Best Form Lenses - Week 11
Which form of aberration do we ca...,
What happens when there is no abe...
2  cards
OP - Ophthalmic Prisms - Week 12
0  cards
OP - Spectacle Magnification and Lens Effectivity - Week 12
0  cards
OP - Optics of Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - Week 12
0  cards
OD - Review Lecture - Week 12
Ct what type of connective tissue...,
Ct name a function of connective ...,
Ct what is the composition of con...
21  cards
PC - History Taking - Week 1
Name the 7 demographic informatio...,
Name the 5 general categories of ...,
Give examples of an opening quest...
12  cards
PC - Tonometry - Week 1
Define indentation,
Define applanation,
What law does applanation rely on
15  cards
PC - Posterior Segment Examination - Week 1
What is the purpose of dilation,
List 13 indications for dilation,
List 13 contraindications for dil...
21  cards
PC - Direct and Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - Week 1
What is the image of the fundus i...,
Which has the greater field of vi...,
Which has the greater magnificati...
11  cards
PC - Assessment of Corneal Curvature - Week 1
List 7 uses for measuring corneal...,
What is the most common instrumen...,
List the dioptres that classify a...
22  cards
PC - Fundus Lens - Week 1
When should the posterior eye alw...,
Must patients always be dilated f...,
Consider a patient that has been ...
30  cards
PC - Fan and Block - Week 1
What happens to the two axis foci...,
The limbs of the fan along which ...,
What is the purpose of the fan an...
15  cards
BS - Eyelids and Conjunctiva - Week 2
Name the 4 functions of the eyelids,
Define the inner and outer canthu...,
Define the tarsal and palpebral p...
93  cards
BS - Lacrimal Glands and Tear Flim - Week 2
What 7 structures contribute to t...,
How many layers does the tear fil...,
What two structures contribute to...
72  cards
PC - Jackson's Cross Cylinder - Week 2
Does the jcc technique require fo...,
What does the success of the jcc ...,
Describe the design of the x cyl ...
24  cards
PC - Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy - Week 2
Describe the following for a bio ...,
Are cataracts an indication for a...,
Name 3 general indications for a ...
25  cards
PC - Binocular Balancing - Week 2
List the 5 techniques of binocula...,
Consider the humphriss fogging te...,
What is a disadvantage of septum ...
26  cards
PC - Binocular Vision 1 Accommodation - Week 2
By what age is accommodation thou...,
Name the 4 major stimulators of a...,
Name 6 factors that influence acc...
26  cards
PC - Binocular Vision 2 Vergence - Week 2
What is the vergence of an eye wh...,
What is the tonic vergence of an eye,
What is the vergence of an eye in...
31  cards
BS - Mitochondrial Disorders - Week 3
Name 6 pieces of evidence of the ...,
What is the energy efficiency of ...,
Which complexes are responsible f...
37  cards
BS - Blood Retina Barrier - Week 3
Name the two circulatory systems,
Name the three components of the ...,
Name the 5 components of the syst...
69  cards
BS - Genetics of Eye Diseases - Week 3
Do amd or glaucoma have a genetic...,
Name the 6 mendelian inheritance ...,
Name 2 common genetic diseases in...
42  cards
PC - Clinical Assessment of Accommodative-Vergence Interactions - Week 3
Describe the accommodation vergen...,
Name 2 objective means of measuri...,
Name 2 subjective means of measur...
32  cards
PC - Slitlamp Biomicroscopy 1 - Week 3
Is slit lamp biomicroscopy examin...,
What other instruments allow the ...,
Would a slit lamp be needed for f...
23  cards
BS - Ocular Manifestations of Embryological Defects - Week 4
Define congenital,
What is the prevalence of congeni...,
Name the 5 types of congenital di...
56  cards
BS - Connective Tissue Diseases - Week 4
Describe the three components of ...,
Name the types of collagen that a...,
Which amino acid is particularly ...
32  cards
BS - Metabolic Eye Diseases - Week 4
True or falsethe eye is not the m...,
Describe the three types of diabe...,
What is the risk of blindness in ...
24  cards
PC - Slitlamp Biomicroscopy 2 - Week 4
Describe specular reflection and ...,
Can specular reflection be used t...,
What three structures specificall...
21  cards
BS - Eye Muscle Disorders - Week 4
Name 2 types of em disorder cause...,
Give two examples of an inflammat...,
Give two examples of neuromuscula...
41  cards
BS - Pupil Disorders - Week 4
What is the difference between an...,
What are the two types of efferen...,
Name 4 innervational problems to ...
36  cards
OP - Diffraction, Wave Optics, and Coherence - Week 4
Describe newtons model for reflec...,
Describe newtons model for refrac...,
What is an argument in favour of ...
11  cards
OP - Introduction to Wavefront Aberrometry & Image Quality Metrics 1 - Week 4
Define vergence of a wavefront,
Define vergence of an object,
Relate refractive error and vergence
5  cards
PC - Slitlamp Biomicroscopy 3 (Gonioscopy) - Week 4
What grades of van herrick should...,
What van herrick ratio is an indi...,
What iris shadow is an indication...
43  cards
OP - Introduction to Wavefront Aberrometry & Image Quality Metrics 2 - Week 5
0  cards
BS - Retina: Night and Day - Week 5
What is the range of the visual s...,
Consider dark adaptation is there...,
Which have lesser directional sen...
21  cards
PC - Presbyopia - Week 5
Give three possible causes for pr...,
To what dioptre do presbyoptic le...,
At what age does presbyopia begin...
27  cards
BS - Retinal Receptive Fields - Week 5
Why is simple detection not enoug...,
What pathway generates receptive ...,
What do horizontal cells mediate ...
9  cards
BS - Retinal Metabolism - Week 5
0  cards
BS - Central Visual Pathways - Week 5
0  cards
OP - Advanced Ocular Imaging Methods - Week 7
0  cards
BS - Myopia (Nature) - Week 8
What is the most common eye disorder,
What percentage of westerners and...,
What structural changes is myopia...
20  cards
BS - Myopia (Nurture) - Week 10
Name 5 environmental conditions a...,
How do birth parameters weight an...,
Does parental smoking affect myop...
24  cards

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