integrated medical sciences

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L1 Cells
True or false only eukaryotic cel...,
True or false prokaryotic cells d...,
True or false genetic code is the...
28  cards
What physical barriers does the b...,
What simple chemical and biologic...,
What cells and molecules form imm...
109  cards
L2 Introduction to Pharmacology
What is pharmacology,
What term is given to any natural...,
What is pharmacodynamics
11  cards
L3 Introduction to the Nervous System
What are nuclei in the central ne...,
What is a tract when referring to...,
Fill in the gaps __1__ cells __2_...
76  cards
Which of the following is not pri...,
Which of the following is not a f...,
Which connective tissue cell type...
107  cards
L4 The Autonomic Nervous System
Which part of the nervous system ...,
Which part of the pns is responsi...,
Which neurotransmitter s does the...
32  cards
L5 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
If a body is lying face down it i...,
If a body is lying face up it is ...,
There are 2 types of body cavity ...
13  cards
L6 Epithelium
From which embryological origins ...,
An epithelial basement membrane c...,
Kidney tubules are lined by __ __...
21  cards
L7 Connective Tissue
Connective tissue is derived from...,
What are the three basic componen...,
What is mesenchyme
24  cards
L8 Embryology
Prior to gastrulation embryonic c...,
Where does fertilisation take place,
What is a morula
24  cards
L9 Gastrulation and Neurulation
What is gastrulation,
What are the stages in order of g...,
What is neurulation
7  cards
L10 Nucleic Acids and DNA Replication
__ __ are the fundamental biochem...,
Nucleotides are composed of three...,
Adenosine is the __ __ sugar base...
27  cards
L11 Molecular Biology of the Gene and Gene Expression
Almost all human genes possess a ...,
Not all genes are expressed in al...,
Which enzyme drives gene expression
35  cards
L12 Neurophysiology and Neurosecretion
Where do the axons arise from,
What are telodendria,
What are presynaptic terminals bo...
41  cards
L13 Basic Concepts in Pharmacology
Which receptor type is used for f...,
Which receptor type signals via g...,
Which receptor type signals via e...
43  cards
L14 Urinary System
Define these terms excretionelimi...,
Name the fibrous capsule that enc...,
What is the function of the renal...
27  cards
L15 Skeletal Cartilage
Where are chondrocytes found,
Why does cartilage heal slowly,
Cartilage is derived from which e...
21  cards
L16 Cardiovascular System
The pericardium surrounds the hea...,
What are the layers of the heart ...,
Where will you find pectinate mus...
17  cards
L17 Post-translational Protein Modification
What is a proprotein,
What is post translational modifi...,
Why do cells need the capability ...
34  cards
L18 Lymphatic System
What are the lymphoid organs,
Which of the following is the cor...,
Lymph capillaries generally occur...
31  cards
L19 Molecular Biology of the Gene and Gene Expression 2
Mutation in the dmd gene causes w...,
Mutation in the smn1 gene causes ...,
Mutation in the cftr gene causes ...
10  cards
L20 Genetic Variation
What is the difference between ge...,
Which of the following if any are...,
True or false cancer susceptibili...
21  cards
L21 and L22 Female Reproductive Organs (INCOMPLETE)
What bones make up the pelvic girdle,
Which three bones fuse to form th...,
What marks the superior border of...
23  cards
L23 Digestive System
What is the alimentary tract of t...,
What accessory organs support the...,
What is the major histology of th...
44  cards
L24 Digestive System II
Small salivary glads are found where,
How are the small salivary glands...,
There are three large salivary gl...
36  cards
L25 Endocrine System
Where is adh produced,
Where is oxytocin produced,
Where is acth secreted
34  cards
L26 Genetics of Complex Diseases
What is a polygenetic disease,
What is a multifactorial disease,
What is being defined here the in...
40  cards
L27 Single Gene Disorders
Define consanguineous,
A genetic study on a large consan...,
Familial hypercholesterolemia is ...
26  cards
L28 Pharmacology II and III
Define xenobiotic,
What factors affect distribution ...,
How does elimination of drugs occur
21  cards
L29 Male and Female Reproductive Systems
Testicular descent occurs during ...,
Why are the testes kept in the sc...,
How does testicular descent occur
34  cards
L30 Muscle Tissue
Sphincters are operated by what t...,
What is being described non divid...,
What are muscular satellite cells
26  cards
L31 Structure and Function of Plasma Membrane
Plasma membranes have been descri...,
How much of a cell membrane is ma...,
What lipids are found in cell mem...
23  cards
L32 Male Reproductive Organs
The male peritoneum forms the roo...,
Which part of the bladder is in c...,
What are the three segments of th...
18  cards
L33 Causes of Infection
What is the simplest form of path...,
What are the 3 major components o...,
True or false viruses contain gen...
25  cards
L34 Antibiotics, Resistance and Hospital Acquired Infections
What are the obvious targets of a...,
30 50 ribosomes are found in __ __,
True or false gram positive bacte...
22  cards
L35 Non-specific Immunity
0  cards
L36 Specific Immunity
0  cards
L37 Hospital Acquired Infections
The rabbit test and the limulus a...,
What is the bioburden,
What is the aim of sterilisation ...
8  cards
L38 Introduction to B Cells and Antibodies
0  cards
L39 Pharmacogenomics
What is deorphanisation,
Why is precision medicine important,
What term is being described comb...
17  cards
L40 Transport Across the Plasma Membrane
How do small nonpolar molecules c...,
How do large polar molecules cros...,
A carrier protein that can move j...
10  cards
L41 and L42 Aetiology of Cancer and Neoplasms 1 & 2
Sarcomas originate __ __,
Papillomas originate __ __,
Polyps are benign neoplasms that ...
85  cards
Tolerance and Hypersensitivity
0  cards
L45 Cancer Genetics
Define truncated,
Amplification of the erbb2 her2 o...,
Amplification of the mycn oncogen...
20  cards
L46 Epithelial Defects and Disease
What is metaplasia,
Why do many tissues become squamo...,
Is an adenoma benign or malignant
11  cards
L47 Gene Therapy
What is somatic gene therapy,
What is germline gene therapy,
What is a transgene
29  cards
L43 Origin and Development of Germ Cells
Primordial germ cells can be foun...,
Are spermatogonia inside or outsi...,
Primordial germ cells proliferate...
29  cards
L44 Endocrine Control of Reproduction
Where is gonadotropin releasing h...,
Why is gnrh released in pulses pu...,
It is very important for the hypo...
23  cards
L48 Protein Secretion
What molecules remove introns and...,
What is added to 5 end of mrna fo...,
What is added to 3 end of mrna fo...
18  cards
L49 Regulation of Cells
How is formation of pancreatic ju...,
What is rhodopsin signalling,
What are the 2 main second messen...
9  cards
L50 Assisted Reproduction
What fertility treatment is best ...,
What are the ivf exclusion criteria,
What is anti mullerian hormone me...
12  cards

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