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Chapter 1: Light properties and vision
Between which type of electromagn...,
What is the range of wavelengths ...,
What is the relationship between ...
94  cards
Chapter 2: Reflection of Light
What are the 2 laws which govern ...,
Why would a perfect reflecting su...,
What are the 3 properties of the ...
13  cards
Chapter 3: Refraction of Light
What is the effect on light when ...,
What is the equation used to calc...,
What are the refractive indices o...
26  cards
Chapter 4: Prisms
What are 3 key features of a prism,
In which direction is light passi...,
Which 3 properties determine the ...
28  cards
Chapter 5: Spherical lenses
What are 3 types of a convex and ...,
What is the total vergence power ...,
What is the nodal point in spheri...
25  cards
Chapter 6: Astigmatic Lenses
What is astigmatism,
What are the 2 types of astigmati...,
What is a cylindrical lens
38  cards
Chapter 7: optical prescriptions, spectacle lenses
How are lens properties described...,
How are the lenses in a toric sph...,
How is a toric lens prescription ...
79  cards
Chapter 8: Aberrations of Optical Systems
What are 6 types of optical aberr...,
What is chromatic aberration,
What is the relationship between ...
38  cards
Chapter 9: Refraction by the eye
How can the full analysis of refr...,
What are 3 measures used to calcu...,
How are the principal planes prin...
76  cards
Chapter 10: Optics of Ametropia
What is the definition of absolut...,
What is the definition of manifes...,
What is the definition of faculta...
78  cards
Chapter 11: Presbyopia
What are 2 reasons the amplitude ...,
What is the accommodation possibl...,
What is the accommodation possile...
62  cards
Chapter 12: contact lenses
What is the definition of aniseik...,
What are 3 advantages of contact ...,
What are 2 uses of contact refrac...
72  cards
Chapter 13: Optics of low vision aids
What are low vision aids,
How do low vision aids work,
What is the equation to calculate...
23  cards
Chapter 14: Instruments A
Broadly speaking how does a direc...,
How does a myopic eye influence t...,
How does a hypermetropic eye infl...
58  cards
Chapter 4: Instruments B
What are the 3 stages of retinoscopy,
What acts as a light source for i...,
What type of mirror is used for r...
56  cards
Chapter 14: Instruments C
What are 6 methods of illuminatio...,
What type of slit lamp illuminati...,
What is diffuse illumination with...
73  cards
Chapter 15: Lasers
What does laser stand for,
What are 2 key features of all la...,
In one sentence explain how laser...
80  cards
Chapter 16: Practical clinical refraction
What should you do when testing v...,
Why should detailed scrutiny of t...,
When is it not possile to test th...
42  cards
Chapter 17: Refractive surgery
What is the refractive error limi...,
What are 3 options for the refrac...,
What are 4 options for dealing wi...
62  cards

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