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L1- fundamentals of geometrical optics
What is light,
What are the main properties of l...,
What does the sun emit
34  cards
L2- image formation
What happens to parallel light ra...,
What does snells law do,
Why are the normals not parallel ...
19  cards
L3 - simple refractive optical system
What is principle of reversibility,
What sign do we use if light is t...,
What sign do we use if light is t...
21  cards
What is the image for a positive ...,
What is the first focal point f,
What is f
23  cards
L5 - the focimeter
What is the thin lens approximation,
What are some times of lenses,
What is newtons equation
15  cards
L6- More complex refractive optical systems
What does it mean when an object ...,
What does it mean when an object ...,
How does light go through a thick...
37  cards
l7 - more complex refractive optical systems
0  cards
l8 - more complex refractive system II
0  cards
L9 - reflective optical systems
What is the law of reflection,
What kind of surfaces does reflec...,
What is property of mirror surfaces
29  cards
L10 - stops and pupils
What effect does the physical siz...,
What is used to change the size o...,
What is the effect of placing a s...
33  cards
L11-stops and pupils
What is aperture stop as,
What is the entrance pupil,
What is the exit pupil
35  cards
L12 waves , diffraction and interference
Whats wrong with geometrical optics,
What is light,
What is a simple wave representat...
46  cards
Lecture 13 and 14 - Waves diffraction and interference
What is interference,
What is total constructive interf...,
What does it mean when they waves...
67  cards
lecture 15- paraxial optics
0  cards
lecture 16 - visual acuity and functional contrast sensitivity
How is visual acuity measured,
What do we measure in va,
What kind of task is involved in va
41  cards
lecture 17 - monochromatic aberrations
What are the key parameters affec...,
What is ideal optical system,
What happens if rays appear to co...
44  cards
experiment 7 - diffraction limited resolution in optical systems and the eye
What are we investigating in this...,
What is spatial resolution limite...,
What does every circular aperture...
31  cards
experiment 8 - aberrations
What is spacial resolution limite...,
What happens to rays close to the...,
What happens as we increase apert...
49  cards
experiment 6 - polarisation
What are the equipment needed for...,
How can light be represented,
What does transverse electromagne...
31  cards
Lecture 18- Dispersion and chromatic aberrations
What is dispersion,
What are examples of most transpa...,
What are transparent material des...
29  cards
Lecture 19- chromatic aberrations in simple lenses and the eye.pdf
What does the longitudinal chroma...,
What happens if you have a distan...,
What happens in the human eye
31  cards
Lecture 20- image forming properties of the eye: Optics and the retina
How many different classes of con...,
What is the long wavelength,
What is the middle wavelength
54  cards
lecture 21 - directional sensitivity - properties of rod and cone photoreceptors
How do letters appear with no glare,
How do letters with glare appear,
Where is the amount of scattered ...
23  cards
lecture 22 - factors that minimise the effects of aberrations and scattered light
What can the pupil diameter decre...,
What does the massive change in p...,
What does a large pupil size cause
43  cards
Lecture 23 - Means of Light
What is light,
What is the the wavelike represen...,
What is the particle or quantum n...
42  cards
lecture 24 - fundamental quantities and basic laws
What is the solid angle,
What is a cone,
How can solid angle be expressed
29  cards
L- 25
What is the definition of radiance,
What is the first case for radiance,
What is case 2 for radiance
40  cards
What do the 8 divisions deal with...,
What is the 1st division vision a...,
What is the 2nd division measurem...
44  cards
Lecture 27- The CIE system: XYZ chromaticity charts
What are the 2 classes optotypes ...,
What happens if you have a letter...,
Explain the variation in the spec...
55  cards
lec 28 - light flow through optical systems
What is total luminous flux when ...,
What is the intensity in a lamber...,
What is the unit for total lumino...
31  cards
Lecture 29- Light flow through the eye
What is a troland,
What is the most expensive part o...,
What is the intensity of light to...
29  cards
lecture 30 - scattered light in the eye
What is criteria for assessing di...,
What is disability glare ie loss ...,
What does forward light scatter e...
35  cards
lecture 31 - colour vision assessment I
What is normal trichromatic colou...,
What results in differences in co...,
What are things that can explain ...
40  cards
lecture 32 colour vision assessment II
What are examples of occupations ...,
How has the colour vision test ev...,
Why is the use of colour vision i...
19  cards

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