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What job will you do if you work ...,
Which of these statements is accu...,
What s one important skill for yo...
60  cards
Self study
Explain the law of refraction les...,
Outline the steps for transposing...,
Explain how a change in vertex al...
56  cards
Nominal power,
Steps for transposing from one fo...,
Od stands for
34  cards
quizes 2
Which of these lenses can be made...,
Which of these lens options is be...,
Which of these materials has a re...
55  cards
self study 2
Identify the refractive index val...,
Identify the refractive index val...,
Identify the refractive index val...
35  cards
The epithelium,
Bowman s membrane,
The stroma
23  cards
refractive errors
Myopia or nearsightedness,
Farsightedness or hyperopia,
7  cards
strabismus and amblyopia
19  cards
common ocular conditions
Why the lens full name is the cry...,
Medical conditions that can cause...
20  cards
Frame basics
Frame front,
28  cards
frame styling
Which people are ideal candidates...,
Here are some questions we ask ou...,
What do you do for a living and w...
30  cards
aligning frames
The tool you ll reach for the most,
When you work with frames youll u...,
Knowing the correct blade width t...
27  cards
adjusting frames
My frame tilts to one side,
David mccleary offers this simple...,
For now simply remember
18  cards
a quick look at light
Visible spectrum,
That entire visible spectrum sect...,
We measure the wavelengths of the...
64  cards
reading a prescription
Spherical lens,
Cylindrical lens,
We write the spherical number as
26  cards
more about prescriptions and and lens types
Progressive lenses
28  cards
midterm exam
What is the term for the part of ...,
Which of these accurately describ...,
What occurs in esotropia
25  cards
lens materials
Index of refraction,
Refractive indices of common lens...,
You ll often hear people refer to...
45  cards
prism basics
A prism diopter,
7  cards
1your client s pd is 62 the frame...,
What part of the eye meshes with ...,
Which of these refractive errors ...
100  cards

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