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Chapter 1: Anesthesia complications
Which of the following best descr...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following is not a t...
21  cards
Chapter 2: Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Who should be included in plannin...,
Which of the following gases is m...,
Which of the following is a poten...
16  cards
Chapter 3: Environmental Sanitation and Terminal Cleaning
Alcohol should be used for cleani...,
Which of the following disinfecta...,
Terminal cleaning is typically th...
22  cards
Chapter 4: Hemostasis, Sponges, and Drains
A shoulder examination under anes...,
Choose the true statement about t...,
A penrose drain is an example of ...
34  cards
Chapter 5: Medication Safety Practices
The first point in the medication...,
A patient safety strategy that re...,
Medications listed on preference ...
19  cards
Chapter 8:The Perioperative Assessment Quiz
Which of the following interventi...,
The perioperative nursing data se...,
A perioperative patient assessmen...
13  cards
Chapter 10: Equipment focus
Chose the false statement about p...,
The three overriding principals o...,
Examples of ignition sources incl...
32  cards
Chapter 12: Perioperative Safey Patient Focus/Retained Items/Counts
What are the most common items re...,
Which items should be included in...,
Retained surgical items are repor...
27  cards
Chapter 13: Positioning the Patient
Which of the following is a goal ...,
The goal of the perioperative nur...,
What is most important for the te...
32  cards
Chapters 14 and 21: Skin Preps and Draping
Using mechanical friction when pr...,
Reduction in resident bacteria is...,
Prolonged contact of skin antisep...
24  cards
Chapter 17: Hand Hygiene, Gowning, and Gloving Quiz
All of the following statements a...,
The closed glove technique is use...,
The sterile areas of the gown inc...
24  cards
Chapter 18: Specimen Management
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following is true re...,
Which of the following is part of...
21  cards
Chapter 19: Sterile Technique
Choose the incorrect statement pr...,
Complete the following statement ...,
When entering the or or procedure...
36  cards
Chapter 20: Sterilization and Disinfection
The first step toward reducing th...,
Cleaning and decontamination of i...,
Each employee working with contam...
14  cards
Chapter 22: Powered Surgical Instruments
Compared to conventional hand hel...,
Powered surgical instruments are ...,
All of the following have a rotar...
15  cards
Chapter 23: Perioperative Environment
The first point in the medication...,
A patient safety strategy that re...,
In 1920 an organization that deve...
38  cards
Chapter 24: Transmissible Infections
Which of the following is a poten...,
Which surgical patient is most li...,
Hand hygiene is the best method t...
19  cards
Which of the following options ar...,
A 13mm needle is larger than an 8...,
Which of the following sized need...
5  cards
Chapter 15: Professionalism
The aorn guidelines are now evide...,
Explain how ethical decision maki...,
Why is it important for you to un...
3  cards
Chapter 11: Perioperative Safety Introduction
Many medical errors occur due to ...,
Cms is a government agency charge...,
Cms wants to emphasize that the f...
3  cards
Chapter 16: Safe Use of Surgical Energy
Cite the safety reasons behind th...,
Cite the safety reasons behind th...,
Cite the safety reasons behind th...
5  cards
Chapter 6: Patient and Family Education
Surgical patient assessment shoul...,
What would you say to your patien...
2  cards
Chapter 9: Perioperative HC Information and Management
Do not use u uuse instead,
Do not use iuuse instead,
Do not use qd qd qd qduse instead
8  cards
Chapter 25 & 26: Wound Closure & Healing
List the desirable characteristic...,
How you would place the needle in...,
Describe the process of passing t...
6  cards
Essentials of perioperative nursing textbook questions
Aorns patient focused model inclu...,
The perioperative nurses begins t...,
Which of the following is a true ...
53  cards

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