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Oral Mucosa
What type of epithelium is the or...,
What is parakeratosis,
What is acanthosis
17  cards
Benign Oral Mucosal Lesions
What is geographic tongue,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What follow up investigations wou...
38  cards
Oral Ulceration
How would you know if an ulcer is...,
What kind of ulcers occur in croh...,
What are recurrent herpetic lesions
33  cards
Mucosal Colour Changes
Why might white lesions occur in ...,
Why do white lesions appear white,
What is leukoplakia
19  cards
Lichen Planus
What is lichen planus,
What are the possible causes of l...,
Describe the pathogenesis of lich...
28  cards
Salivary Gland Disease and Dry mouth
During an e o and i o examination...,
What are the main functions of sa...,
What are the potential causes of ...
64  cards
Systemic Disease and The Mouth
Why might someone have an immune ...,
What intra oral findings might su...,
Why might someone have a haematin...
25  cards
Vesiculobullous Disease
What type of immune reaction is p...,
Why do some skin diseases also af...,
What is a vesiculobullous disorder
64  cards
Facial Pain
What is pain,
What modes of assessment could yo...,
How do we feel pain
39  cards
Oral Dysaesthesia and TMD
How does cognitive deduction infl...,
What is oral dysaesthesia,
Where could the symptoms in oral ...
27  cards
Trigeminal Neuralgia
What is trigeminal neuralgia,
Describe the epidemiology of tn,
Describe the classification of tn
33  cards
What are the high risk sites for ...,
What are the risk factors for ora...,
What are the chances of a white l...
38  cards
Oral Candidosis
What is oral candidiasis,
What host defences exist against ...,
Describe the pathogenesis of oral...
8  cards
Salivary Gland Tumours
For what reasons might someone ha...,
What gland is most likely to give...,
Are most salivary glands benign o...
23  cards
Describe the characteristics of v...,
Describe the key stages of viral ...,
If you suspect an intra oral vira...
4  cards

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