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Radiology History- Lecture 1
Who discovered x ray radiation by...,
Responsible for generating cathod...,
Received a noble prize in physics...
19  cards
Production of X-rays- Lecture 3 & 4
Label the following image,
The tube head of the x ray machin...,
What component of the x ray machi...
166  cards
Ionizing Radiation- Lecture 2
Describe the atom and the three m...,
Define atomic number 3,
Define mass number 2
70  cards
Factors Effecting X-ray Beam Intensity- Lecture 5
Total amount of energy contained ...,
The average energy in the x ray beam
46  cards
Sensors and Digital Imaging- Lecture 6
List the reasons to change from t...,
Image created when photons break ...,
Chemical changes in processing oc...
73  cards
Projection Geometry: Intraoral Radiographic Technique- 9/19- DONE over powerpoint but add study guide stuff
Geometric characteristics include 3,
Fuzzy unsharp margin of radiograp...,
73  cards
Intraoral Anatomy- maxillary - Exam II
The pulp looks ____ in radiograph...,
How does dentin appear on a radio...,
The cortical bone attaching pdl t...
157  cards
Exam II study guide
Shadow the image of the object we...,
Edge gradient the unsharp area ar...,
What do we try to minimize in a r...
270  cards
Intraoral Anatomy- mandibular- Exam II
The internal oblique ridge may al...,
In infants a radiolucent line thr...,
What are the arrows indicating in...
111  cards
Radiation Biology- The basics (Exam II)
T f ionizing radiation is not saf...,
Why do we have to learn ionizing ...,
What are the four different ways ...
162  cards
Panoramic Imaging Principles
What are the indications for pano...,
List the advantages of panoramic ...,
List the disadvantages of panoram...
98  cards
Panoramic Anatomy
Label the following image,
What is represented by orange in ...,
What does the green indicate in t...
77  cards
Caries Interpretation
One of the most prevalent human d...,
What date did decreasing prevalen...,
Dental caries is considered a dis...
124  cards
Panoramic Positioning Errors
What protective measure can not b...,
Before taking a pano have patient...,
What error is seen in this pano
66  cards
Interpretation of periodontal disease
Destructive inflammatory disease ...
95  cards
Unit of effective dose,
High electron generating then stops,
Cells resistant to radiation will
55  cards
CBCT Basics
Digital image processing modifica...,
Imaging manipulations automated i...,
Imaging manipulation that changes...
134  cards
CBCT Basics Part II
What filter is on this image,
What is better than saying cone b...,
Can a basis image be read
75  cards
CBCT Anatomy
What can be seen in the following...,
The ____ drains through maxillary...,
The maxillary sinus drains throug...
68  cards
Sensor Placement and Beam Positioning Problems:
75  cards
Final Study Guide
In a radiograph border of max sin...,
What does focusing cup do,
What type of radiograph will take...
25  cards

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