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Born 1845 lennep germany discover...,
A dentist in braunschweig germany...,
Became a professor at giessen whi...
7  cards
Ionizing Radiation
Anything that has mass and occupi...,
The _____ is the basic unit of al...,
Protons neutrons
28  cards
X-ray Production Part 1
What are the 2 important componen...,
Exposure time kvp and ma selector...,
Power supply x ray tube glass env...
46  cards
X-ray Production Part 2
Controls heating of the filament,
Controls the time in which x rays...,
Controls the acceleration of elec...
15  cards
Factors controlling the X-ray beam intensity
Total amount of energy contained ...,
Number of photons in the beam pri...,
In relation to quantity and quali...
42  cards
Sensors and Digital Imaging
Are film or digital better at cre...,
Which film d or f is slower but g...,
How many sizes of sensors are there
20  cards
Digital Imaging and Image Manipulation
Do film or psp have less radiatio...,
Do psp or ccd have less radiation...,
Mathematical manipulation of imag...
15  cards
Projection Geometry
What are the 3 geometric factors ...,
Fuzzy unsharp margin of radiograp...,
____ is the area around the margi...
28  cards
Intraoral Radiographic Technique Errors
No x rays reaching the receptor,
What are the receptor exposure er...,
Too many xrays reaching the receptor
18  cards
Maxillary Anatomy
The teeth sockets are bounded by ...,
Will the pdl be 100 visible on a ...,
Is the gingival margin of the alv...
21  cards
Mandibular Anatomy
In infants it is a radiolucent li...,
These are bony protuberances loca...,
____ is a foramen of the lingual ...
17  cards
Radiation Biology 1
What are the 4 ways to measure th...,
A measure of the capacity of radi...,
Unit of radiation exposure that p...
42  cards
Radiation Biology 2
A collection of signs and symptom...,
How many gy is considered sub let...,
How many gy is considered lethal ...
25  cards
Radiation Biology 3
Hyperdontia multiple teeth is mos...,
As low as reasonably achievable g...,
Selective passage of contents thr...
11  cards
Max and Mand Anatomy Photos
62  cards
Radiation Biology 4
______ will be worn by all full t...,
Backscatter shield provided by th...,
Where should you stand in relatio...
8  cards
Intraoral Radiographic Technique Error Pics
Name the error,
Name the error,
Name the error
32  cards
Occlusal and Skull Radiography
Display a relatively large segmen...,
What size plate should be used fo...,
Image field anterior maxilla and ...
33  cards
Panoramic Radiographs
The following are indications for...,
Advantages of ______1 relatively ...,
Disadvantages of _______ 1 lower ...
32  cards
Panoramic Radiograph Anatomy
What s this,
What s this,
What s this green
47  cards
Panoramic Positioning Errors
The following need to be ____ for...,
______ pano error anterior teeth ...,
Anterior teeth widened and blurre...
37  cards
Radiographic recognition of dental caries
One of the most prevalent human d...,
______ patho physiology related t...,
What are the 2 factors affecting ...
41  cards
Interpretation of Periodontal disease
Periodontal disease destructive i...,
Gingivitis only the soft tissues ...,
Periodontitis soft tissues and su...
19  cards
CBCT Basics
Use of computers to generate mult...,
What are the 2 forms of computed ...,
Are most modern cbct scanners sta...
18  cards
CBCT Anatomy
Ethmoidal air cells sphenoid fron...,
Nasal cavity nasal bones nasal me...,
Hard palate maxillary tuberosity ...
50  cards
Software Imaging Applications
Original scan data projection dat...,
Multiple basis image projections ...,
A ______ data set is then constru...
12  cards

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