orals airframe

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Aircraft inspection
Where do you find the regulation ...,
A certificated a p mechanic may s...,
Under what condition may a mechan...
20  cards
Name three principle of welding,
What are some advantages of gas s...,
Which method of welding is less l...
19  cards
Metalic structure
Name at least three types of self...,
What is the difference between th...,
What of the five stresses is the ...
22  cards
Landing gear
What is the purpose of a torque l...,
A landing gear shock strut should...,
What conditions should a mechanic...
20  cards
Position and warning system
What unit in anti skid system gen...,
How is a pilot alerted that the a...,
What is the significance of an an...
20  cards
Hydraulic and pneumatic power systems
What materials from the base of t...,
What color denote mineral base an...,
What are the results of exposing ...
20  cards
Cabin atmosphere control systems (environmental)
Is there any special requirement ...,
Describe the operating principle ...,
Describe the operating principle ...
20  cards
Aircraft instrument systems
A static check may be performed o...,
What aircraft instrument can be u...,
Name several of the indication er...
20  cards
Communication, and nav systems
What are the basic components of ...,
What frequency range is used by m...,
What does the term adf stand for
20  cards
Airframe electrical system
What could cause an ac electric m...,
What tool is used to check a moto...,
When using a growler what indicat...
23  cards
Ice and Rain contol
What control the temperature in t...,
What are the sources of heat for ...,
What prevent overheating of the l...
20  cards
Fire Protection system
Briefly describe the components o...,
Are thermal switches wired in ser...,
How are the detector units in a d...
20  cards
Fuel System
Why do some aircraft have jettiso...,
Is there any reason why a fuel je...,
What are some other names for a s...
20  cards
Aircraft structural assembly and rigging (flight control
What is the function of a vortex ...,
What are the three axes of the ai...,
What are the three primary flight...
20  cards
Wood, composite and transparent plastic structures
What are the three forms of wood ...,
What type of wood should be used ...,
Name at lease four different type...
33  cards
Aircraft Fabric covering
Aircraft covering fabrics are mad...,
How would you determine the stren...,
What two types of organic fibers ...
20  cards
Aircraft painting and finishing
Why is butyrate dope safer to use...,
What are the two types of dope us...,
What is the appearance of a blush...
20  cards

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