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Ch. 1 - Structure and Bonding
What is deuterium,
Where are most elements in organi...,
Which is higher in energy s or p ...
50  cards
Ch. 2 - Acids & Bases
What is a bronsted lowry acid,
What is a bronsted lowry base,
What must a bl acid have
56  cards
Ch. 3 - Functional Groups
Which characteristics do function...,
T or f a c c pi bond is easily br...,
T f a heteroatom acts as a nucleo...
60  cards
Ch. 4 - Alkanes
What type of interaction s destab...,
True or false alkanes undergo few...,
What is an alkane
102  cards
Ch. 5 – Stereochemistry
What is stereochemistry,
What is a polymer,
What is starch
76  cards
Ch. 6 – Organic Reactions
T f when two ions with unlike cha...,
Why are reagents often drawn on t...,
Where is the solvent or temp of a...
78  cards
Ch. 7 – Alkyl Halides & Nucleophilic Substitutions
What are alkyl halides,
What two types of halides involve...,
T f alkyl halides undergo elimina...
84  cards
Ch. 8 – Alkyl Halides & Elimination Reactions
What is an elimination reaction,
What substance do alkyl halides u...,
What is dehydrohalogenation
64  cards
Ch. 9 - Alcohols, Ethers & Related Compounds (Week 1)
What are alcohols basic what can ...,
What are enols and phenols,
What are ethers what is their rea...
51  cards
Orgo 1 Reivew - Sub/Elim Rxns
When can 1 carbons undergo sn1,
When can 1 carbons undergo e1,
Is a 1 carbon ever a stereocenter
5  cards
Ch. 9 - Week 2 (Quiz 2)
Why do 1 2 shifts occur,
What is a 1 2 methyl shift,
When might a 1 2 shift occur from...
62  cards
Ch. 10 - Alkenes & Addition Reactions (Week 2, Quiz 2)
What are alkenes,
What are terminal alkenes,
What are internal alkene
100  cards
Ch. 10 (Week 4, Brown Hydroboration-Oxidation)
What are the sm and p of brown hy...,
Why is borane electrophilic,
What type of addition is brown hy...
5  cards
Ch. 11 - Alkyne Chemistry (Week 4)
What is the hybridization of carb...,
Is sodium amide a good nuc or base,
What are three ways alkynes are made
14  cards
Ch. 11 - Alkyne Chemistry (Week 4, Quiz 3)
How many pi bonds do alkynes have,
Is csp h more or less acidic than...,
What will deprotonate csp h of al...
42  cards
Ch. 12 – Oxidation and Reduction (Week 5, Quiz 4)
What is oxidation,
What is reduction,
Is alkyne alkene ox or red
62  cards
Ch. 12 – Oxidation and Reduction (Week 6, Quiz 5)
What does the addition of 2 hydro...,
What reagents give trans 1 2 diol...,
What two steps occur in the anti ...
27  cards
Ch. 13 – Radical Chemistry
What is a radical,
How are radicals formed,
What is geometry and hybridizatio...
26  cards
Ch. 14 – Conjugation, Resonance, Dienes
What is conjugation what does it ...,
What are 1 3 dienes,
What is the hybridization of all ...
37  cards
Ch. 15 – Benzene & Aromatic Molecules
T f all bond lengths in benzene a...,
What are the four rules of aromat...,
What is huckel s equation for aro...
24  cards
Ch. 16 – Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
Does benzene act as an electrophi...,
What type of general reactions ar...,
What is electrophilic aromatic su...
33  cards
Ch. 17 - Intro to Carbonyl Chemistry
What is an acyl group,
What are the two classifications ...,
Rank the following in order of lg...
37  cards
Ch. 18 – Reactions of Ketones and Aldehydes
How do intermolecular forces of a...,
What is the ir number for aldehyde,
What is the ir number for ketone
19  cards
Ch. 19 - Carboxylic Acids & Nitriles
Do carboxylic acids have higher o...,
What is the pka of the acidic pro...,
What is the more nucleophilic oxy...
19  cards
Ch. 20 – Carboxylic Acids / Derivatives & Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution
How does the basicity of z in rco...,
What is the pka of a protonated c...,
Why do amides have more h bonding...
12  cards
Ch. 21 – Sub Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds at Alpha Carbon
Is the carbonyl carbon electrophi...,
Is the alpha carbon electrophilic...,
Why is the alpha carbon acidic
7  cards

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