organic chemistry i & ii

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Ch 20 - Mobile
Common name for ethanoic acid,
Common name for propanoic acid,
Common name for butanoic acid
7  cards
Advanced Functional Groups
Acyl group,
Acyl halide,
Aldehyde functional group
70  cards
Intro Functional Groups
53  cards
Radical Halogenation
Which is the least stable carboca...,
As carbon chain in an alkane beco...,
What results from heterolytic bon...
10  cards
Ch5 Chirality
Racemic mix,
When can you use the clockwise or...
6  cards
Ch 6 Alkyl Halides
Which alkyl halides are less dens...,
Which alkyl halides are more dens...,
Why is free radical halogenation ...
22  cards
Ch 8 Reactions of Alkenes
Hoffman s rule,
Wagner meerwein rearrangement,
Mercurinium ion
15  cards
Free radical halogenation m1,
Free radical halogenation m2 br,
Free radical halogenation m3
106  cards
Unsaturation q1
1  cards
Ch 6 Problem Solving
What determines the overall order...,
Explain the expected reaction s o...,
Explain the expected reaction s o...
20  cards
Ch 10 Alcohols
Synthesis gas,
Grignard reagent
28  cards
Ch 11 Reactions of Alcohols
Dehydration of an alcohol produce...,
Oxidation of an alcohol produces ...,
Substitution of an alcohol produc...
89  cards
Ch 12 IR spectra
What is the absorption in ir for ...,
What is the absorption in ir for ...,
What is the absorption in ir for ...
8  cards
Ch 13 NMR spectra
Alkane methyl 1hnmr,
Alkane methylene 1hnmr,
Alkane methine 1hnmr
23  cards
Ch 16 Aromatic Rings
What makes aromatic reactions unique,
Alkyl group directorate
32  cards
Ch 17 Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
Sigma complex,
Electrophilic aromatic substitution,
Why doesnt water act as a nucleop...
39  cards
Ch 20 Carboxylic Acids
Formic acid,
Acetic acid,
Propionic acid
6  cards

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