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Visceral OMT
In what direction are the viscera...,
3 major indications for large int...,
What are 3 relative contraindicat...
21  cards
Paired Bones Lab And Lecture
What are the 5 bones the parietal...,
What bone is the only bone to con...,
What 3 things of importance do we...
16  cards
Clinical Application Of Cranial
What is the area most common for ...,
Where does the e tube actually li...,
Big cause of headaches he talked ...
13  cards
TMD Lecture
What are the two main causes of j...,
What are the 6 types of tmj dysfu...,
What is the main cause of the click
14  cards
What are 5 treatments to decrease...,
What are 6 omt treatments to norm...,
What is the sympathetic level of ...
13  cards
Head Pain
Average age of onset for tension ...,
Big time risk factor for headaches,
What two things are associated wi...
13  cards
Midline Bones Lecture
Which side is in flexion and exte...,
In a torsion dysfunction whats go...,
What is going on with the tempora...
4  cards
Intro To Cranial Leture
Who came up with cranial,
What are the five components of t...,
What type of cell do they think i...
18  cards
Intro To Cranial Lab
What is going on with zygomatic t...
1  cards
Intro To 5 Models
How does the who define health,
What is the additional definition...,
How does he relate biomechanics t...
5  cards
Osteopathic Approach To The GI Patient
What are the top 2 common gi diso...,
Omt for the gi patient is directe...,
What do we need to determine for ...
19  cards

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