osfa 2018 - specialist (bioinformatics)

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Decks in this class (20)

What are the benefits of cloud co...,
What are the different cloud serv...,
What are the three types of cloud...
5  cards
Data integration can be problemat...,
What does a person have to consid...,
What are the file formats often u...
12  cards
Variant Analysis & Annotation
What are the issues with large he...,
What is a constraint score,
What information is needed to ass...
7  cards
Service Development
What are the key components in th...,
What does the development stage o...,
What must be considered when dete...
16  cards
NGS File Formats
What is fastq,
What is the file format sequencin...,
In a fastq file what does the qua...
18  cards
Generally how does ngs sequencing...,
What is 454 sequencing,
What were the issues with 454 seq...
16  cards
Pathway Analysis & Ontology
What is an ontology,
What do ontologies aim to provide,
What is an axiom
13  cards
Bioinformatics Tools
What bioinformatics tool used for...,
What tool can be used to identify...,
What is fastqc
12  cards
Software Development
What is the purpose of software d...,
What are the steps in the softwar...,
What occurs in the planning stage...
22  cards
What do sql statements always end...,
In this statement what would you ...,
In this statement what would you ...
30  cards
Command Line
What does the command ls do,
What command id used to find out ...,
What is the command to create an ...
32  cards
What command is used to start a g...,
What are the three parts of a git...,
What is the command to save chang...
21  cards
Good Programming Practice
What are the aims of good program...,
What are coding best practices,
What are the prerequisites which ...
10  cards
What are the three main types of ...,
What is a relational database,
What is the purpose of a key in a...
10  cards
OSFA Station Ideas
Requirements gathering for new pi...,
Review a new piece of software wi...,
Advise a genetics service within ...
15  cards
Bioinformatics Pipelines
What are the main steps in a bioi...,
What happens in the alignment pro...,
What happens in the variant calli...
8  cards
SOP Review
What should be included in an sop...,
What makes a good sop,
Why are sops useful
6  cards
NGS Quality
When looking at a fastqc quality ...,
On the background of the fastqc q...,
When will a warning be issued on ...
19  cards
Validation of NGS pipelines
What do you need to validate an n...,
What sample sources could be used...,
What would be the differences bet...
9  cards
According to the acgs guidelines ...,
Following baseline sensitivity ca...,
How do you calculate the 95 ci
7  cards

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osfa 2018 - specialist (bioinformatics)

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