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Introduction to the Development of Human Occupation
Pattern of change that begins at ...,
3 domains of development,
An approach to understanding huma...
37  cards
Processes of Human Development
Quantifiable process of developme...,
Qualitative changes that progress...,
Process wherein factors within th...
29  cards
What does the otpf stand for,
The otpf has evolved over the yea...,
What is task analysis
16  cards
Physical Development In Infancy
2 patterns of growth in infancy,
95 of full term newborns are ____...,
Newborns lose 5 to 7 percent of t...
46  cards
Sensory, Perceptual, Development In Infancy
This occurs when information inte...,
It is the interpretation of what ...,
According to this view we directl...
38  cards
Motor Development in Infancy
In maturation motor development f...,
According to this theory infants ...,
Development of motor skills repre...
33  cards
Emotional Development
Feeling or affect that occurs whe...,
In infancy emotions have two impo...,
Psychologists classify the broad ...
49  cards
Cognitive Development
Actions or mental representations...,
These schemes represent a physica...,
A baby s schemes are structured b...
19  cards
Middle & Late Childhood: Socioemotional Development
It is the central aspect of the i...,
Aspects of the self,
It is the cognitive representatio...
82  cards
Middle & Late Childhood: Physical & Cognitive Development
How is physical growth in middle ...,
During elementary school years ch...,
Average height weight of 8 year o...
103  cards

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