ou tm354 software engineering (saqs)

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Unit 1 - Approaches to software development
What are the three important char...,
A successful software project must,
For each of the three characteris...
68  cards
Unit 2 - Requirements concepts
Where and when does the requireme...,
Identify the stakeholders for a s...,
Suggest ways in which requirement...
61  cards
Unit 3 - From domain modelling to requirements
What is a business rule,
What are the important properties...,
Name two aspects of software deve...
36  cards
Unit 5 - Structural modelling
What are the agile modelling prin...,
The four useful sources when look...,
Why do object modellers concentra...
30  cards
Unit 6 - Dynamic modelling – from analysis to design
In the analysis phase of system d...,
Explain why pre and postcondition...,
What is meant by the term design ...
35  cards
Unit 7 - More on dynamic modelling – states and activities
Why must the conditions on a mess...,
What is the main disadvantage of ...,
Which of the three strategies for...
26  cards
Unit 9 - Architecture, patterns and reuse
Suggest a reason why choosing the...,
Think of some reasons why reuse i...,
What are the various ingredients ...
8  cards
Unit 10 - Building blocks and enterprise architectures
What does components and objects ...,
Think of some possible advantages...,
Suppose a component is implemente...
17  cards
Unit 11 - Product quality: verification, metrics and testing
Suggest three expectations that a...,
Explain how increasing integrity ...,
What are the six sqf software qua...
16  cards

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ou tm354 software engineering (saqs)

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