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Ch1 Practice Questions
The course called outdoor emergen...,
The person who first organized a ...,
The 10th mountain division was fo...
21  cards
Ch2 Practice Questions
A network of specially trained pe...,
Which of the following levels of ...,
An oec technician meets or exceed...
14  cards
Ch3 Practice Questions
Sometimes the most important thin...,
Mental preparedness comes best if...,
During a very strenuous rescue yo...
12  cards
Ch4 Practice Questions
Which one of the following statem...,
Of the five functional areas with...,
The primary function of the incid...
25  cards
Ch5 Practice Questions
To lessen one s chances of injury...,
To maintain proper alignment when...,
When a person exhibits good body ...
19  cards
Ch6 Practice Questions Pt.1
The study of human and animal str...,
The study of mechanical physical ...,
Which one of the following anatom...
26  cards
Ch6 Practice Questions Pt.2
The liquid that blood cells and n...,
The left atrium a receives blood ...,
The nervous system is subdivided ...
25  cards
Ch7 Practice Questions Pt.1
Which of the following lists pres...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following things doe...
22  cards
Ch7 Practice Questions Pt.2
Which of the following responses ...,
What letter in a sample interview...,
What letter in a sample interview...
22  cards
Ch8 Practice Questions
Identify the two types of medical...,
The oec technician can verbally r...,
When a patient arrives at the fir...
13  cards
Ch9 Practice Questions
The lower airway consists of whic...,
Which of the following patients h...,
You want to open your patient s m...
31  cards
Ch10 Practice Questions
Shock can best be described as a ...,
A patient in early onset of shock...,
Which of the following lists of a...
19  cards
Ch11 Practice Questions
When assessing a patient with a p...,
Glucose a assists the pancreas in...,
In the mnemonic aeiou tips the a ...
33  cards
Ch12 Practice Questions
A 44 year old patient was found a...,
Which of the following terms does...,
Distribution of a poisonous subst...
18  cards
Ch13 Practice Questions
The passage of oxygen and carbon ...,
Which of the following lists best...,
When the diaphragm and intercosta...
22  cards
Ch14 Practice Questions
A patient informs you that any ti...,
Which of the following statements...,
You are called to the lodge to he...
17  cards
Ch15 Practice Questions Pt.1
The walls of the capillaries are ...,
Which of the following statements...,
The left side of the heart a rece...
19  cards
Ch15 Practice Questions Pt.2
Which of the following signs or s...,
An alert and oriented 65 year old...,
Which of the following statements...
17  cards
Ch16&17 Practice Questions
When a patient can point to an ex...,
When a patient has generalized ab...,
Which one of the following organs...
19  cards
Ch18 Practice Questions
A heavy set snowboarder was criti...,
Which of the following best defin...,
Which of the following factors do...
23  cards
Ch19 Practice Questions Pt.1
Which of the following lists corr...,
What is the function of subcutane...,
A patient has a laceration on his...
30  cards
Ch19 Practice Questions Pt.2
Thermal burns result from a trans...,
You arrive at a scene at which a ...,
You are treating a patient who ha...
30  cards
Ch20 Practice Questions
Which of the following functions ...,
The inside layer of a joint capsu...,
The outermost part of a bone is a...
29  cards
Ch21 Practice Questions
You are notified that a patient i...,
You respond to an accident at whi...,
Which of the following signs or s...
33  cards
Ch22 Practice Questions
Which of the following structures...,
Which of the following statements...,
You are assessing a patient who w...
18  cards
Ch23 Practice Questions
The thorax is enclosed by the a r...,
The diaphragm separates the a rig...,
Which of the following actions oc...
25  cards
Ch24 Practice Questions
The abdomen is located between th...,
The function of organs in the abd...,
When palpating the anterior porti...
20  cards
Ch25 Practice Questions
You are assessing a conscious but...,
A young man who was angry with fr...,
A young boy complains of pain in ...
28  cards
Ch26&27 Practice Questions
The body cools itself primarily b...,
You are at a football practice on...,
The most serious of the types of ...
28  cards
Ch28 Practice Questions
The height or vertical elevation ...,
The concentration of oxygen at se...,
As altitude increases a barometri...
20  cards
Ch29 Practice Questions
The final event in the series of ...,
The mammalian diving reflex is mo...,
Which of these is a submersion in...
19  cards
Ch30 Practice Questions Pt.1
A 9 month old boy has been stung ...,
Fontanels which are openings in t...,
An oec technician asks you why yo...
18  cards
Ch30 Practice Questions Pt.2
When assessing a 3 year old child...,
Which of the following statements...,
The american academy of pediatric...
17  cards
Ch31 Practice Questions Pt.1
You have been asked to deliver a ...,
A new oec technician asks you why...,
The son of an 88 year old patient...
19  cards
Ch31 Practice Questions Pt.2
The vital signs of elderly patien...,
Compared to younger patients trau...,
Correcting a life threatening con...
19  cards
Ch32 Practice Questions
You are assisting a 29 year old s...,
A group of ski patrollers have in...,
What is true about a patient with...
10  cards
Ch33 Practice Questions
Your oec class asks you to descri...,
Your first priority in managing a...,
Which of the following statements...
19  cards
Ch34 Practice Questions
Special operations is a term used...,
You overhear a group of emts disc...,
Which of the following statements...
20  cards
Ch1 Key Terms - Intro to OEC
The act of withdrawing one s supp...,
The act of making a person reason...,
The act of touching someone witho...
28  cards
Ch2 Key Terms - Emergency Medical Systems
An intermediate level technician ...,
A level of ems care for which pro...,
A level of ems care for which pro...
17  cards
Ch3 Key Terms - Rescue Basics
The practice of isolating all bod...,
Soiling of an object water or air...,
The process of rendering an objec...
13  cards
Ch 4 Key Terms - Incident Command and Triage
A mnemonic for remembering the as...,
What does 30 2 can do stand for,
A rank structure for management
21  cards
Ch 5 Key Terms - Move Lift Transport
The relationship between the body...,
The act of lifting and moving the...,
A method of pulling a patient on ...
7  cards
Ch 6 Key Terms - Anatomy & Physiology
Motion of a limb away from the mi...,
Motion of a limb toward the midline,
A tubular vessel that carries blo...
33  cards
Ch7 Key Terms - Patient Assessment
An exaggerated immune response to...,
A mnemonic for assessing neurolog...,
The pressure of the blood on the ...
32  cards
Ch8 Key Terms - Communication and Documentation
A process whereby information is ...,
Notes written by oec technicians ...,
An oral or written report given a...
7  cards
Ch9 Key Terms - Airway Management
The natural passageway that allow...,
A manually operated resuscitator ...,
A personal protective device that...
20  cards
Ch10 Key Terms - Shock
A type of distributive shock that...,
Medications that prevent blood fr...,
A type of shock caused by inadequ...
17  cards
Ch11 Key Terms - Altered Mental Status
A sudden temporary loss of mental...,
A condition in which a person s l...,
A subjective sensation that prece...
16  cards
Ch12 Key Terms - Substance Abuse and Poisoning
The way in which a substance or p...,
Harmful substances that are absor...,
Drugs that are constructed by a c...
12  cards
Ch13 Key Terms - Respiratory Emergencies
A condition characterized by the ...,
A decreased respiratory rate in a...,
A chronic inflammatory lung disea...
13  cards
Ch14 Key Terms - Allergies and Anaphylaxis
A foreign substance antigen whose...,
A series of signs and symptoms th...,
A severe allergic reaction that c...
9  cards
Ch15 Key Terms - Cardiovascular Emergencies
The interruption of blood supply ...,
Sudden chest pain due to an inade...,
The largest artery in the body ca...
22  cards
Ch16 Key Terms - Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Reproductive System Emergencies
A condition of sudden onset of pa...,
A condition in which bacteria ent...,
A condition in which the fertiliz...
13  cards
Ch 17 Key Terms - Childbirth Obstetric Emergencies, Sexual Assault
The premature separation of a nor...,
A potentially life threatening di...,
A pregnancy occurring in a site o...
10  cards
Ch18 Key Terms - Trauma
The first 60 minutes following a ...,
A combination of injuries commonl...,
The energy generated by a body in...
5  cards
Ch19 Key Terms - Soft Tissue Injuries and Burns
The complete or nearly complete s...,
The incomplete separation of the ...,
A strip or roll of gauze or other...
23  cards
Ch 20 Key Terms - Musculoskeletal Injuries
A joint of the shoulder in which ...,
A sharp bend in a broken bone a b...,
The cartilage that is affixed to ...
33  cards
Ch21 Key Terms - Spine, Brains and Nervous System Injuries
Loss of memory of events that occ...,
Long slender projection of a nerv...,
A bruise involving the brain
15  cards
Ch22 Key Terms - Face, Eye and Neck Injuries
Unequal size of the pupils,
An injury caused by direct trauma...,
The clear but highly sensitive su...
13  cards
Ch23&24 Key Terms - Chest Trauma, Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma
A tear in the abdominal wall expo...,
An injury to the pelvis and the i...,
The site on the anterior pelvis a...
16  cards
Ch25&26 Key Terms - Cold/Heat Related Emergencies
A continued drop in core body tem...,
Damage to tissues from freezing d...,
A relatively minor local cold inj...
13  cards
Ch27&28 Key Terms - Plant, Animal and Altitude Related Emergencies
A biological material antibodies ...,
Poisonous effects caused by bites...,
Death of most or all the cells in...
16  cards
Ch29 Key Terms - Water Related Emergencies
A condition that occurs immediate...,
Trauma that is caused by differen...,
Formation of nitrogen bubbles in ...
7  cards
Ch30&31 Key Terms - Pediatric&Geriatric Emergencies
Any act or failure to act on the ...,
A failure to act on the part of a...,
Inflammation and swelling of the ...
15  cards
Ch32 Key Terms - Adaptive Athletes
A person with disabilities partic...,
A behavioral syndrome that causes...,
Abnormal function of the nervous ...
27  cards
Ch33 Key Terms - Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response
Excessive restlessness and increa...,
A feeling of worry nervousness or...,
A serious mental illness characte...
13  cards
Ch34 Key Terms - Special Ops and Ambulance Ops
A mnemonic for the common types o...,
The area outside the warm zone in...,
A program that uses the principle...
13  cards

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