p3 - partical model of matter/p4 - attomic structure

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P3 Partical Model of Matter/P4 Atomic Structure Random Revision (pages 191-199)
Describe the motion of particles ...,
How is the speed of a gas s parti...,
State the missing variable in the...
33  cards
P3 The particle Model and Motion in Gasses (page 191)
What is all matter made up of,
In particle theory you can think ...,
How can you explain the ways that...
17  cards
P3 Density of Materials (page 192)
The density of an object tells yo...,
What is density a measure of,
What are the units of density
13  cards
P3 Internal Energy and Changes of State (page 193)
Look at the specific heat capacit...,
What do particles do in a system,
Apart from kinetic energy stores ...
15  cards
P3 Specific Latent Heat (page 194)
If you heat up a pan of water on ...,
Does a change of state require en...,
Why is it when a substance is mel...
14  cards
P4 Developing the Model of the Atom (page 195)
What was the name of the person a...,
In 1804 john dalton agreed with d...,
Nearly 100 years after john dalto...
22  cards
P4 Isotopes and Nuclear Radiation (page 196)
What are isotopes,
All atoms of each element have th...,
The number of protons in an atoms...
22  cards
P4 Nuclear Equations (page 197)
What do nuclear equations show,
Do mass and atomic number have to...,
How are nuclear equations written
20  cards
P4 Half-life (page 198)
How quickly unstable nuclei decay...,
Radioactiv substances give out what,
What is radiation from the nuclei...
20  cards
P4 Irradiation and Contamination (page 199)
Ionising radiation can enter what...,
If ionising radiation can enter l...,
Exposure to radiation is called
19  cards

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p3 - partical model of matter/p4 - attomic structure

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