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7 mo infant suddenly became irrit...,
B list 3 physical signs that may ...,
C what 2 ix could you perform to ...
5  cards
paediatric seizures
10 mo girl in a e w generalised c...,
B what are your immediate actions...,
C you decide to stop the fit how ...
8  cards
paediatric infection
4 mo boy brought to casualty with...,
B give 2 other appropriate method...,
C name 2 other parts of the sepsi...
7  cards
paediatric jaundice
Post natal ward well looking baby...,
B list 4 ix which should be perfo...,
C you decide to start rx pending ...
8  cards
paediatric knee injury
A 7 yo boy is admitted as an emer...,
B child refuses to talk to you an...,
C list 3 features you would look ...
4  cards
paediatric vomiting
5 week old boy brought for 2nd ti...,
B describe the abnormalities seen...,
C describe in 50 words how these ...
6  cards
paediatric scalp swelling
2 mo baby boy brought to a e by h...,
B what is the most likely underly...,
C what medical ix name at least 2...
7  cards
down's syndrome
3 hour old baby boy born at term,
B the baby s mother is in the roo...,
C you decide to confirm the dx wh...
5  cards
baby checks
A list 2 purposes of the newborn ...,
B give 2 examples of anatomical c...,
C how would you explain a guthrie...
4  cards
6 mo boy stewart is being reviewe...,
B what is the most likely reason ...,
C how would you explain this to h...
9  cards
prematurity and respiratory distress
25 yo mother 31 weeks into her 2n...,
B at 4 hours of age the baby cont...,
C list 4 ix you would consider re...
4  cards
hip disorders in childhood
A neonate who is not moving their...,
A toddler who walked at 12 months...,
A teenager presenting with a few ...
5  cards
vomiting in infancy
A 5 week old male infant who is f...,
The mother of a 3 month old tells...,
A month old infant at 4kg is vomi...
5  cards
paediatric acute abdomen
A six month old infant presents t...,
A child of 6 years presents with ...,
A 3 year old boy presents with ab...
5  cards
paediatric medicine
A baby girl who is 9 days old sta...,
A 6 month old baby is brought in ...,
A worried father brings his 18 mo...
5  cards
You are the fy working in the neo...,
B what two other signs would you ...,
C you decide to get an abdominal ...
6  cards

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