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Prefix, Suffix, Roots
Abdomi n
282  cards
Chapter 1 EMS Systems: Vital Vocabulary
Time parameters that are set duri...,
The method of not giving the spec...,
A type of research in which a sin...
44  cards
Chapter 2 Workforce Safety and Wellness: Vital Vocabulary
Reaction to stress that occurs du...,
The spread of an organism in aero...,
A fear reaction in which a person...
28  cards
Chapter 3 Public Health: Vital Vocabulary
Public health professional who in...,
The study of the causes patterns ...,
Collection of the methods skills ...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues: Vital Vocabulary
Termination of medical care for t...,
A written document or oral statem...,
To create in another person a fea...
58  cards
Chapter 5 Communications: Vital Vocabulary
On board computer systems in moto...,
A radio at a fixed location such ...,
Transmission of physiologic data ...
47  cards
Chapter 6 Documentation: Vital Vocabulary
A narrative writing method that a...,
A system that assists dispatchers...,
A false statement in written form...
11  cards
Chapter 7 Medical Terminology: Vital Vocabulary
Movement of a limb away from the ...,
Movement of a limb away from the ...,
Movement of a limb toward the mid...
84  cards
Chapter 8 Anatomy and Physiology: Vital Vocabulary
The commonly used blood classific...,
The muscles not normally used dur...,
The ability of the lens of the ey...
447  cards
Chapter 9 Pathophysiology: Vital Vocabulary
An increase in extracellular h io...,
The immunity that occurs when the...,
Mediators of inflammation trigger...
118  cards
Chapter 10 Life Span Development: Vital Vocabulary
People who are 13 to 18 years of age,
A swelling or enlargement of part...,
A bond between an infant and his ...
39  cards
Chapter 11 Patient Assessment: Vital Vocabulary
Abnormal breath sounds such as wh...,
A determination made when assessi...,
Unequal pupils with a greater tha...
99  cards
Chapter 12 Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision Making: Vital Vocabulary
The patients emotional state as r...,
The existence of two or more chro...,
Pattern of understanding based on...
7  cards
Chapter 13 Principles of Pharmacology: Vital Vocabulary
The early phase of cardiac repola...,
The process by which the molecule...,
An enzyme that breaks down acetyl...
100  cards
Chapter 14 Medication Administration: Vital Vocabulary
A sealed hub on a an administrati...,
Tubing that connects to the iv ba...,
Small glass containers that are s...
109  cards
Chapter 15 Airway Management: Vital Vocabulary
A method used to predict difficul...,
Abdominal thrusts performed to re...,
The muscles not normally used dur...
147  cards
Chapter 16 Respiratory Emergencies: Vital Vocabulary
Refers to abnormal breath sounds ...,
The saclike units at the end of t...,
The drawing in or out by suction ...
56  cards
Ch 7 Medical Terminology (part 2)
The product of slicing an object ...,
The view of an object cut along i...,
Front and back
702  cards
Ch 7 Medical Terminology
Dors o dors i,
Faci o,
139  cards
Ch 8 Anatomy and Physiology (part 1)
The study of the structure and ma...,
The study of the processes and fu...,
The study of how body functions c...
61  cards
Ch 8 The Circulatory System
What does the circulatory system ...,
Is the circulatory system entirel...,
What are the two circuits in the ...
137  cards
Anatomy of the Circulatory System
Circulatory system top half,
Circulatory system bottom half,
Major arteries of the circulatory...
7  cards
Ch 15 Airway Management
Name the anatomical structures of...,
Name the anatomical structures of...,
The physical act of moving air in...
15  cards
Chapter 16 Respiratory Emergencies
The most obvious external landmar...,
On either side of the glottis tis...,
The _________ cartilage forms a c...
113  cards
Chapter 17 Cardiovascular Emergencies: Vital Vocabulary
A term describing the shape of th...,
The early phase of cardiac repola...,
A series of cardiac conditions ca...
23  cards

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