part 121 - crj 701/900

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Simulator Worksheets
The v1 calculation is based on th...,
The 1 000 foot fallout is based o...,
Operate engines for at least ____...
74  cards
Emergency Procedures
When a non normal situation is ev...,
What needs to be confirmed by the...
3  cards
Immediate Action Items
Stabilizer trim runaway,
Smoke fire fumes,
Cabin alt warning msg or emergenc...
4  cards
How many fuel tanks,
Where are the ducts that vent and...
70  cards
Miscellaneous Systems
When quick releasing the flight d...,
What is the maximum load capacity...,
What does the passenger door rest...
82  cards
Landing Gear And Brakes
How does the pseu work,
What steers the nose wheel
78  cards
Hydraulic and Flight Controls
Do all systems have an edp and an...
194  cards
Fire Protection and APU
True or false during normal opera...,
______ halon bottle s are install...,
If an apu fire occurs in flight w...
55  cards
Aircraft General
How tall is the 700 and 900,
How long is the 700 and 900,
How many lavs does the 700 have 900
10  cards
What kind of engines are on the crj,
What does fadec do,
What is maximum continuous thrust
87  cards
How many pressurization controlle...,
Where do the pressurization contr...,
What do the pressurization contro...
48  cards
Air Conditioning and Ventilation
On the ground how can pneumatic a...,
What are the different components...,
What is indicated when hi temp is...
70  cards
Ice and Rain Protection
What are the two different source...,
What is bleed air used to heat,
What does the electrical system heat
65  cards
What is bleed air used for,
What are all the possible sources...,
What is the purpose of the acscs
74  cards
What will kick the fms out of aut...,
How do we go back into autotune a...,
When are we required to use dme h...
25  cards
What does the ap require to engage,
How can you disengage the ap,
When will the autopilot automatic...
51  cards
What are the radio tuning units u...,
What radio is dedicated to acars ...,
Can you use vhf 3 to talk to atc
12  cards
Flight Instruments
How many primary pitot probes and...,
The alternate static system consi...,
The _____ provides attitude and h...
40  cards
What is an idg,
What are the components of an idg,
Where is the main battery located
105  cards
TLR Terms
How is ald determined,
What is ald used for
29  cards
Dispatch Terms
36  cards
Lowest takeoff minimums possible,
Low visibility takeoff definition,
What are special considerations w...
23  cards
Full Limitations
Maximum crosswind component for t...,
Maximum crosswind component for l...,
Maximum headwind component for la...
209  cards
QRH - Immediate Action Items
What is the purpose of immediate ...,
All immediate action items are no...,
What immediate action items have ...
18  cards
Miscellaneous Limitations
Why are we limited to 5 minutes f...,
What is the maximum permissible t...,
Ground operations is limited to _...
17  cards

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