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Health Behaviour
What are health related behaviours,
Why are behaviours linked to health,
What are the two theories that he...
34  cards
Substance Misuse
Substance misuse definition,
What is dependence syndrome,
4 types of substances
17  cards
Drug And Alcohol Treatment
Physical complications of oral use,
Nasal complications,
Inhalation complications
21  cards
Health Economics
What is priority setting,
What is rationing,
What is priority setting and rati...
30  cards
Patient Reported Outcomes
Why measure health outcomes,
Commonly used measures of health,
Mortality vs morbidity
22  cards
Health Inequalities
How can socioeconomic status be m...,
How is health measured,
How is deprivation measured
16  cards
Sociological Approaches To Long Term Conditions
What re long term conditions,
Example of ltc,
Sociological approach to ltc s
14  cards
Screening process,
Purpose of screening,
3 examples of uk screening
18  cards
Screening Validity
Two errors in screening,
Features of test validity,
Sensitivity in test validity
8  cards
Screening In Practice
What is screening,
Screening in the uk examples,
Screening timelines
15  cards
Lay Beliefs
What are lay beliefs,
Perceptions of health and their d...,
Influences lay beliefs have on be...
10  cards
Health Promotion
What is health promotion,
Determinants of health dahlgren a...,
Levels of prevention
6  cards
Pass Semester 2 intro
Define statistics,
How can statistics be classified,
Epidemiology definition
16  cards
Evidence based healthcare
When is a causal link likely,
How is biological plausible mecha...,
Evidence based medicine
10  cards
Measurement scales, numbers, rates, ratios
Three domains of health,
Probability vs stats,
Want sample to be
23  cards
Study designs
Key features of sample,
Descriptive epidemiology,
Analytical epidemiology
25  cards
Key statistical concepts
3 domains of healthcare,
How do we make inferences about a...,
Define population
20  cards
Cross sectional studies
We want sample to be,
Concept of ecological studies,
How to conduct an ecological study
18  cards
Case-control studies
Concept of case control studies,
What can we measure with case con...,
Problem with odds ratio
29  cards
Cohort studies
Outline cohort study,
Different types of cohort study,
Measurements cohort study
26  cards
Communicating risk
Two measures of risk benefit,
Advice on presenting risk,
Example of presenting risk
3  cards
PASS Semester 4 - health improvement
What are the three domains of pub...,
What is involved in health improv...,
What is the virtuous cycle of pub...
14  cards
Health Protection
What is health protection,
Three domains of health protection,
What is public health
17  cards
Healthcare systems in the UK
Define healthcare systems,
Define healthcare system,
What are the 6 system building bl...
31  cards
Introduction to clinical commissioning and prioritisation
What is commissioning,
Who can commission services,
Groups involved in commissioning
21  cards

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