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Extra pathoma stuff
P selections are upregulated by w...,
Adhesion molecules are upregulate...,
What do selectins bind to
46  cards
Cell Injury and Death
Cell response to injury is depend...,
Cell injury results when what hap...,
What types of cells are most affe...
76  cards
Cell injury and death II
What is coagulative necrosis how ...,
What is liquefactive necrosis,
What is caseous necrosis
78  cards
Cellular Adaptations and Accumulations
What are physiologic adaptations,
What are pathological adaptations,
True or false pathological change...
68  cards
Cellular Adapt & accumulations II
What are subcellular reponses to ...,
What are lysosomes filled with,
What are primary lysosomes
89  cards
Inflammation I
What is inflammation,
What is the timeline for acute in...,
What is the timeline for subacute...
84  cards
Inflammation II
What are the two major processes ...,
What is the function of complement,
What is the process of engulfment
85  cards
Chronic Inflammation
What is the definition of chronic...,
True or false inflammation tissue...,
What are the three reasons for ch...
50  cards
Chronic inflammation II
What is granulomatous inflammatio...,
What causes granulomatous inflamm...,
What are the cells that mediate g...
50  cards
Wound Healing
Define wound healing,
What is the difference between wo...,
What are the steps of wound heali...
55  cards
Hemodynamics I
Where does edema build up,
Protein poor fluid is referred to...,
What is fluid in the pleural space
74  cards
Hemodynamics II
What are the three general compon...,
What are the bricks of the clotti...,
What is the cement of hemostasis
85  cards
Hemodynamics III & IV
What are the factors that coumadi...,
What is inr,
What pathway does pt measure
117  cards
Hemodynamics V
What are the causes of shock,
What is the definition of shock,
What are the sequela of shock
74  cards
Neoplasia I
What is neoplasia,
What is a neoplasm,
What are the features of neoplasms
73  cards
Neoplasia II
What allows for the increased rat...,
What is the percentage of cell in...,
What happens to apoptotic rates i...
48  cards
Neoplasia III
What are the four places that tum...,
What is the protein that attaches...,
What type of collagen forms bm
83  cards
Neoplasia IV
What is dysplasia,
True or false dysplasia always de...,
How is the cin grade determined
63  cards
Neoplasia V
What is the function of the apc g...,
What is the function of the brca ...,
What is the function of the rb ge...
56  cards
Neoplasia VI
What type of uv light is particul...,
What does uvb light damage,
What is the repair mechanism in t...
70  cards
Molecular Path
What are the four applications of...,
What are the advantages to molecu...,
What are genome mutations
49  cards
Childhood diseases I
Flattened nasal bridge oral cavit...,
What are anomalies,
What is the cause of most congent...
94  cards
Childhood Diseases II
What are the common bacterial 2 a...,
What is the consequence of perina...,
What is the time scale for early ...
109  cards
Childhood diseases III
What are the four major types of ...,
Can behavior of a tumor be predic...,
What is the most common fibrous t...
112  cards
What is a type i hypersensitivity,
What is a type ii hypersensitivity,
What is a type iii hypersensitivity
75  cards
Immunopathology II
What is the cause of gvhd,
What causes acute gvhd,
What are the skin changes in acut...
93  cards
Immunopathology III
What is sjogren s syndrome,
Who is usually affected with sjog...,
What is sicca syndrome how
71  cards
Immunodeficiency disorders
When do immunodeficiencies usuall...,
What are the two causes of pro t ...,
What cells are the conductors of ...
110  cards
Genetic diseases I
What are the four categories of a...,
Which ad category is marfan 1 qua...,
Which ad category is ehlers danlo...
81  cards
Genetic diseases II
True or false ar diseases have mu...,
True or false ar diseases often h...,
When do ar usually present early ...
83  cards
Genetic Diseases III
Is huntington s passed on in an a...,
What is inheritance pattern of fr...,
What is the protein that is affec...
70  cards
Tougher Stuff
Peripheral rim staining pattern o...,
Homogenous staining pattern of im...,
Speckled staining pattern of immu...
30  cards

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