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Altered Cell Biology
Stress insult,
Cell injury
40  cards
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the difference between a ...,
What type of climate would be ide...
27  cards
Hypersensitivities and immune deficiencies
What makes a reaction a hypersens...,
Type i allergy,
Type ii allergy
29  cards
What are the 4 cancers of highest...,
What are the 4 cancers of highest...,
Why is cancer increase markedly w...
38  cards
What is scleroderma,
What is an early sign of sclerode...,
What is limited scleroderma
28  cards
Nervous system Part 1
What is multiple sclerosis,
What is the cause of multiple scl...,
What is the incidence of ms world...
58  cards
Nervous system Part II
Intracranial pressure,
Cranial vault fixed volume,
Icp curve
44  cards
Juxtamedullary nephrons vs cortic...,
What is the equation for calculat...,
1 loop diuretics block what chann...
35  cards
What makes up the gi tract,
What does the stomach acid do,
What are the anatomical and motor...
48  cards
Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancrease
What are the parts of the portal ...,
How much of co does liver get,
What is the function of the hepat...
45  cards
Renal supplement
What does dark strong smelling ur...,
What intracellular changes would ...,
Where do renal cell carcinomas us...
21  cards
What is the definition of pain,
What is dysethesia,
48  cards
Myocardial Ischemia
What is the major component of is...,
What can myocardial ischemia be c...,
What is the incidence of ischemic...
27  cards
Vascular Hypertension
How is vascualar hypertension def...,
What are the systolic and diastol...,
What is hypertension the most imp...
24  cards
Peripheral Vascular disease/Valvular disease
What is peripheral vascular disease,
How prevalent is atherosclerosis,
What are the risk factors of athe...
31  cards
Myocardial disease
Lv dysfunction results in __________,
Describ what the hear looks like ...,
What are the different forms of d...
18  cards
Congenital Heart Defects
What are the more common congenit...,
Which defects cause left to right...,
What is tardive cyanosis
14  cards
Pulmonary- Obstructive disease
What is copd,
What are the common obstructive d...,
What is asthma
24  cards
Pulmonary- Restrictive disease
What are the differences between ...,
Restrictive lung disease is a red...,
What are the components of restri...
27  cards
Pulmonary- Restrictive (pleura and mediastinum)
What are the different types of p...,
What is an idiopathic pneumothorac,
What is a tension pneumothorax
14  cards
How are erythrocytes produced,
Where are rbcs made throughout th...,
What are the progression and mani...
47  cards
What level of the vessel has the ...,
Which vessels are more likely to ...,
What does von willebrand factor do
21  cards
Islets of langerhans,
What stimulates insulin secretion,
What is the process for insulin s...
33  cards
Endocrine 1
What are the different types of e...,
What kinds of dysfunctions can ca...,
What are the different types of t...
38  cards
How does an ovarian follicle develop,
What surrounds the antrum why,
How does the hypothalamic pituita...
34  cards
What are the different types of d...,
What are the single gene genetic ...,
What are translocations and delet...
21  cards

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