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1 Intro to Patho
4 interrelated topics of pathophy...,
27  cards
2 Homeostasis, allostasis, adaptive responses to stressors
Stress stressor
30  cards
4 Cell injury, aging, and death
Tissue hypoxia,
Why does hypoxia cause cell injury
74  cards
7 Neoplasia
Exceptions to benign oma rule
27  cards
After bronchoscopy and histologic...,
The nurse is swabbing a patient s...,
Metaplasia is
41  cards
10 Alterations in Immune Function
Formed elements,
Multipotent stem cells
32  cards
11 Malignant disorders of WBC
Malignant disorders of wbc s,
71  cards
13 Alterations in Oxygen Transport
Erythrocyte rbc,
Erythropoietin epo
41  cards
14 Alterations in Hemostasis and Blood Coagulation
Stages of hemostasis,
Primary hemostasis
24  cards
10 11 13 14
Organ that is responsible for syn...,
25 of platelets can be found in w...,
___ plays a role in the formation...
27  cards
15 Alterations in Blood Flow
5 types of obstruction that cause...,
2 types of mechanical alterations...,
Effects of reduction in flow
56  cards
18 Alterations in Cardiac Function
Coronary heart disease chd common...,
Coronary heart disease chd,
46  cards
16 Alterations in Blood Pressure
Components of bp measurement,
Systolic blood pressure sbp,
Diastolic blood pressure dbp
46  cards
19 Heart Failure and Dysrhythmias
Heart failure hf,
Rhf vs lhf,
Most common reason for hospitaliz...
28  cards
20 Shock
Inadequate cellular oxygenation m...,
31  cards
15 18 19 20
Keep a close eye on the ____ leve...,
Murmur that occurs thruout ventri...,
High pitched murmur during ventri...
22  cards
22 Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders
Common ventilatory parameters,
When chest vol increases
117  cards
23 Restrictive Pulmonary Disorders
Obstructive vs restrictive pulmon...,
Restrictive pulmonary disorders,
Restrictive pulmonary disorderscl...
67  cards
25 Acid-Base Homeostasis and Imbalance
Death range of ph,
Maintenance of acid base balance ...,
If ph is too acidic proteins will...
56  cards
22 23 24 25
A patient has a positive chvostek...,
Certain autoimmune diseases are a...,
What is likely to lead to hyponat...
67  cards
27 Intrarenal Disorders
Intrarenal disorders,
5 types of intrarenal disorders,
60  cards
29 Disorders of the Lower Urinary Tract
Lower urinary tract,
Urine mvmt is due to,
Urine is released through by
25  cards
28 Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease
Acute kidney injury fka,
Acute kidney injury,
Decreased glomerular filtration r...
69  cards
27 28 29
Wbc casts in urine,
Renal calculi,
Renal colic
50  cards
36 GI Disorders
Common manifestations of gi tract...,
Pathophysio mechanism of bowel pa...,
58  cards
37 Alterations in Function of Gallbladder and Exocrine Pancreas
Majority of gallstones are,
3 phases in formation of gallstones,
What determines likelihood of cho...
14  cards
38 Liver Disease
Hepatocellular failure,
Low vitamin k causes
40  cards
44 Acute Disorders of Brain Function
Mechanisms of brain injury,
Ischemia hypoxia
78  cards
45 Chronic Disorders of Neurological Function
Brain cerebellar disorders,
Seizure disorder,
Possible triggers of seizure diso...
46  cards
47 Pain
Physiology of pain,
Physiology of pain4 stages,
62  cards
Beta 1,
Beta 2,
47  cards
Wound categories,
Chronic wound,
Causes of skin alteration
13  cards

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