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Ddx long bone lesion in 2 year old,
What s legg calve perthes disease,
Currarino triad
80  cards
Interventional radiology
What are the branches of the celi...,
What is the collateral flow to th...,
Where does the gda originate and ...
138  cards
Ddx for solitary pulmonary nodule,
Ddx for multiple pulmonary nodules,
What is wegener s granulomatosis
104  cards
Ddx intraaxial hemorrhage,
Gelatinous pseudocysts who descri...,
Intraventricular mass in adult
176  cards
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa,
What other injury is associated w...,
What ages do you see physiologic ...
129  cards
Duplicated collecting system what...,
Differences among sepate arcuate ...,
Ddx for cortical nephrocalcinosis
94  cards
Contrast rxn/patient emergencies
Facial or laryngeal edema or stridor,
Hypotension with tachycardia or s...,
Hypotension with bradycardia
11  cards
Cardiac uptake on a scan not pet,
Mibg vs octreotide,
What nuclear scan to look for pcp...
153  cards
Posterior impression on esophagus,
What s the liver disease associat...,
What s the anatomy of bilroth i b...
81  cards
What s the lemon sign on fetal ul...,
What s the banana sign of fetal h...,
Large midline posterior fossa cys...
80  cards
0  cards
Type of radionuclide spleen liver,
Type of radionuclide liver spleen,
Type of radionuclide spleen
113  cards
Comprehensive COPY
Type of radionuclide spleen liver,
Type of radionuclide liver spleen,
Type of radionuclide spleen
113  cards

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