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Actions of the temporalis,
Actions of the masseter,
What muscles do depression of jaw
101  cards
Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Lymphatic
What heart enzyme stays elevated ...,
What is the patient at risk for w...,
What is the patient at risk for w...
129  cards
Occurs when a liquid or gas moves...,
Occurs when there is a change in ...,
Occurs when there is a transmissi...
59  cards
PEAT Review
Posterior trunk lean is due to we...,
What nerve lies below inguinal lig,
C5 6 brachial plexus injury
52  cards
What gives taste to anterior 2 3 ...,
What gives taste to posterior 1 3...,
If oculomotor n cn 3 is down then...
303  cards
Airplane splint prevents someone ...,
What type of burn can lead to rha...,
Burn classification superficial r...
111  cards
Lack of cortisol,
Too much cortisol,
Dysfucntional production of adh
22  cards
What can refer pain to luq,
What can refer pain to llq,
What can refer pain to ruq
48  cards
Where do kidney stones refer pain,
Utis are common in who,
Decreased mobility or mentation m...
19  cards
False positive,
False negative,
Used to measure interrater reliab...
13  cards
Lab Values
Normal values for wbcs,
Normal values for platelets,
Normal values for hemoglobin men ...
18  cards
Devices and Equipment
Too short seat depth,
Too long seat depth,
Excess leg length seat footplate ...
29  cards
Tough Stuff
Normal wbc count,
What can refer pain to r inferior...,
What is the crede maneuver used for
555  cards
Joint Positions
Open packed ghj,
Closed packed ghj,
Open packed hip
24  cards
Pulse scale not palpable,
Pulse scale difficult to palpate ...,
Pulse scale weak light pressure c...
41  cards
Joint glides
How to improve ghj er,
How to improve ghj ir,
How to improve ghj abduction
24  cards
Peds Reflexes
Tonic labyrinthine reflex,
Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex,
Symmetrical tonic neck reflex
26  cards

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