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Infant Reflexes
Rooting what is it appears disapp...,
Suck swallow what is it appears d...,
Crossed extension what is it appe...
35  cards
Prenatal development
Most major organ development occu...,
When does human development begin,
Where does fertilization or conce...
38  cards
Growth and development
How much should an infant weigh b...,
How much length should an infant ...,
How much length should an infant ...
33  cards
Pediatric Orthopedics
What are s and s of osteomyelitis,
What are s and s of septic arthritis,
Avascular necrosis of the femoral...
51  cards
Hip dysplasia and orthotics
At birth the acetabulum covers ab...,
When is ossification complete in ...,
When does the junction between th...
33  cards
Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
What were some of the consequence...,
An idiopathic postural deformity ...,
What are the characteristics of t...
30  cards
Curvature within the frontal coro...,
What are the 3 types of scoliosis,
Which side is scoliosis named for
15  cards
PT management of lifelong conditions
Not a single disease encompasses ...,
What is the pathogenesis of jia,
What is the most common type of jia
27  cards
Reimbursement and PTA supervision
What does supervision of a pta lo...,
What does supervision of a pta lo...,
How long just minors medical reco...
20  cards
Pediatric Examination
What are the different approaches...,
Distinguishes between individuals...,
Classifies people into categories...
24  cards
When did congress pass the educat...,
Part b guaranteed free and approp...,
Idea is split into two components...
25  cards
What are some special considerati...,
What are the educational requirem...,
What is the role of the pt in the...
30  cards
How is cp diagnosed,
Where is the damage for spastic a...,
What are key predictors that decr...
50  cards
NM Disorders
Most common md i in 3500 live bir...,
What enzyme do people with dmd lack,
What is the significance of decre...
34  cards
Spina Bifida
Myelopdysplasia type open leison ...,
Myelopdysplasia type hidden leiso...,
Myelopdysplasia type proturding s...
29  cards
DD, ASD and sensory integration
Severe chronic disability that is...,
Characterized by subaverage intel...,
What are the cognitive assessment...
24  cards
Motor coordination markedly below...,
What is likely to be a comorbid c...,
Difficulty in acquisition of lang...
15  cards
Down Syndrome
What are characteristics of ds cr...,
What are physical obsticals to gr...,
Caused by laxity of the transvers...
13  cards
Acute Care
What are the most common childhoo...,
How is leukemia classified,
What cancer accounts for 25 of ca...
23  cards

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