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Gestational age of screening for ...,
Birth weight less than 1500 g,
Newborn infant with head swelling...
94  cards
The time it takes the plasma conc...,
The lowest concentration reached ...,
The highest concentration reached...
18  cards
Wrong plan to achieve a desired aim,
An error reaches the patient but ...,
Recognized and corrected errors b...
16  cards
The ethical principle of referrin...,
The ethical principle of not orde...,
The ethical principle of informin...
30  cards
Study best suited to evaluate the...,
Study in which 2 groups are follo...,
Retrospective study in which peop...
22  cards
Factors that determine the unders...,
What does exposure to high levels...,
What are the most helpful measure...
40  cards
Pustules of erythema toxicum contain,
Pustules of transient neonatal pu...,
Newborn with white papules on the...
47  cards
Newborn with prenatal ultrasound ...,
What is the best test to confirm ...,
A one year old child presents wit...
26  cards
Fluid And Electrolytes
Low urinary fractional excretion ...,
High urinary fractional excretion...,
Low urine osmolality high serum s...
25  cards
A 5 year old hospitalized and rec...,
A 4 year old had throat infection...,
History of impetigo tea colored u...
52  cards
Newborn with isolated preauricula...,
What is the risk of permanent hea...,
Prior to discharge newborn hearin...
50  cards
A 5 day old infant with severe bi...,
A 5 day old newborn presents with...,
A 10 day old infant with mild to ...
42  cards
Nelson ( Developmental Milstone )
1 month,
2 month
17  cards
An 18 month old turns cyanotic as...,
An 18 month old turns pale with l...,
A 4 month old infant is having ep...
63  cards
A 7 year old with morning stiffne...,
A 2 year old female with recently...,
Fatigue weight loss arthritis in ...
40  cards
Sport Medicine
Adolescent plays football present...,
What is the best treatment of osg...,
An 8 year old boy recently starts...
22  cards
First newborn female breech prese...,
What is the imaging modality of c...,
What is the earliest time for us ...
72  cards
What is the first sign of puberty...,
What is the first sign of puberty...,
The height acceleration peaks in ...
111  cards
Allergy / Immunology
Antibody that has a major role in...,
Antibody that mediates type i hyp...,
First antibody produced in an inf...
71  cards
Infectious Disease
Diarrhea and turtle at home,
Childcare center fever vomiting b...,
Diarrhea high bun creatinine thro...
133  cards
Mental And Behavioal Health
A 3 year old boy is frequently re...,
A 2 year old girl frequently post...,
What is the best management of ma...
57  cards
Metabolic Disorder
Newborn with a high ammonia level...,
Newborn with poor feeding vomitin...,
Child presents with ammonia level...
44  cards
Adolescent medicine
Adolescent male twin whose female...,
The first sign of sexual developm...,
The first sign of sexual developm...
73  cards
Genetic Disorder
Both sexes are equally affected b...,
Both sexes are equally affected b...,
No male to male transmission only...
66  cards
General Pediatrics
Which growth charts should be use...,
Which growth charts should be use...,
Birth weight of newborn usually r...
119  cards
Hematology / Oncology
Low hemoglobin low mean corpuscul...,
Low hemoglobin low iron low norma...,
Mild anemia low mcv normal iron n...
103  cards
Emergency / Critical Care
A 27 day old with fever 103 f for...,
An 8 week old with fever 103 f fo...,
A 15 month old with fever 103 f f...
96  cards
GIT / Nutrition
Xerophthalmia corneal opacity bit...,
Gingival bleeding anemia corkscre...,
Breastfed children should be supp...
109  cards
Adolescent routine physical exam ...,
The most common cardiac lesion as...,
A 2 week old boy develops congest...
85  cards
Newborn with inspiratory stridor ...,
What is the treatment for laryngo...,
Newborn with a hoarse voice weak ...
59  cards

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