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OD In Children
Rationale for restoring baby teeth,
When might you choose not to rest...,
Considerations in restoring prima...
29  cards
Caries In Children
Definition of dental caries,
Methodology of vipeholm study,
Conclusion from turku study
22  cards
Oral Habits In Children
Effects of non nutritive sucking ...,
How does age of cessation of non ...,
Non nutritive sucking habit usual...
12  cards
Deep Caries And Pulp Treatment In Primary Teeth
Objectives for maintaining primar...,
Indications for pulp therapy of p...,
Contraindications for pulp therap...
27  cards
Pulp Therapy In Young Permanent Teeth
What is the aim of vital pulp the...,
Pulp capping and pulpotomy have h...,
When do you do a partial pulpotomy
11  cards
Gingivitis And Perio In Children
Gingival conditions in children t...,
Causes of simple gingivitis in ch...,
What is juvenile spongiosum gingi...
16  cards
Pits And Fissures
Fissure sealant definition,
Indications for fissure sealant,
What to fissure seal when high me...
8  cards
Anomalies In Dentition
What classifications of dental an...,
What anomalies in tooth number ar...,
How many teeth are there in prima...
109  cards
Mixed Dentition Trauma
What are the principles of luxati...,
What are the objectives of splint...,
If there is breakdown of marginal...
28  cards
Primary Dentition Trauma
Injuries to baby teeth are most c...,
Most commonly injured primary tooth,
Treatment for concussion of prima...
29  cards
Diet and Nutrition
Definition of nutrition,
Definition of diet,
Definition of dietary reference i...
28  cards
Soft Tissue Lesions Children
Presentation of leukodema,
Location and origin of bohns nodules,
Location and origin of epstein pe...
51  cards

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