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Operative Dentistry in Children I
What are the aims of restoring pr...,
What are the tooth factors to con...,
What are the host factors to cons...
18  cards
Operative Dentistry in Children II
What is the aim of disking and fl...,
What are the indications for disk...,
What are the advantages and indic...
23  cards
Dental Caries in Children
What is the definition of early c...,
What is the definition of severe ...,
What are the causes of early chil...
12  cards
Oral Habits in Children
What are 5 oral habits in children,
What are the effects of sucking h...,
What are the factors affecting th...
12  cards
Deep Caries & Pulp Mx of Primary Teeth
What are some dental factors to c...,
What is the preventive only approach,
What is the biological approach
31  cards
Deep Caries & Pulp Mx of Young Permanent Teeth
What are some features of young p...,
What are the aims of vital pulp t...,
What are some types of pulp treat...
15  cards
Gingi & Perio in Children
What are some differences in anat...,
Why are children s periodontium m...,
Why is there lower prevalence of ...
34  cards
Pit and Fissure Caries
Which patients should have fissur...,
How to define various caries risk...,
Which teeth should have fissure s...
19  cards
Trauma of Primary Teeth
Which teeth are most commonly aff...,
What are the types of trauma inju...,
What is the presentation of concu...
45  cards
Trauma of Young Permanent Teeth
What are the 3 main injuries of l...,
What are the aims of fixation,
What must be done before splintin...
21  cards
Dental Anomalies I: Number, Shape, Size
What is the prevalence of hyperdo...,
What are the classifications of s...,
What are the different forms of s...
39  cards
Dental Anomalies II: Structure, Colour, Eruption/Exfoliation
What is odontodysplasia,
What is the presentation of teeth...,
What is the histology for teeth a...
62  cards
Prevention in Children
What is the aim of preventive mea...,
When should a child s first denta...,
What is the recommendation for br...
23  cards
Diet & Nutrition
What are the results of deficienc...,
What are the results of deficienc...,
What are the results of magnesium...
14  cards
Common ST Lesions in Children
What are the main effects associa...,
What is the treatment for ankylog...,
What are some examples of palatal...
51  cards

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