peds - spring 2016

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Introduction - Unit 1
How any children are in the us to...,
What is pediatric nursing,
What are some of the roles of a p...
60  cards
Growth & Development - Unit 1 (Babies)
Head to toe growth center to peri...,
Little babies gain about __ to __...,
Double birth weight by age ___ mo...
67  cards
Growth & Development - Unit 1 (Toddlers)
Weight gain slows to __ to __ pou...,
Birth weight should be quadrupled...,
Height increases by about __ inch...
29  cards
Growth & Development - Unit 1 (Preschoolers)
What is the most significant life...,
Physical growth rate slows and st...,
Are preschoolers more graceful st...
31  cards
Growth & Development - Unit 1 (School Age Children)
What age is school age,
These kids should write neatly dr...,
These kids have frequent physical...
29  cards
Growth & Development - Unit 1 (Adolescent)
What does estrogen do,
What is the average age of menarc...,
What is the first sign of puberty...
13  cards
Childhood Maltreatment :( - Unit 1
What is child abuse defined as,
What are the 4 types of maltreatm...,
Neglect failure to provide the ch...
39  cards
Death & Dieing - Unit 1 :(
What are some conditions leading ...,
Palliative care def,
Palliative care intended to haste...
39  cards
Cystic Fibrosis - Unit 2
Cystic fibrosis defective gene if...,
Cystic fibrosis leads out to defe...,
Both parents cannot be carriers t f
62  cards
Respiratory Dysfunction (Part 1)- Unit 2
What is the leading cause of prev...,
Leading causes of out of hospital...,
___ die in er ___ die in picu
50  cards
Respiratory Dysfunction (Part 2) - Unit 2
What is tonsilitis,
If a kid has repeated infections ...,
Pre op for tonsilectomy can have ...
64  cards
Respiratory Dysfunction (Part 3, Asthma) - Unit 2
Asthma most common chronic diseas...,
What is asthma,
Asthma continuous t f
32  cards
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders (Part 1) - Unit 2
Infants younger than 6 weeks do n...,
In an infant a sunken fontanel ma...,
Infants are dependent on others t...
49  cards
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders (Part 2) - Unit 2
What is hirschsprungs disease wha...,
Hirschsprungs disease peristalsis...,
What are some clinical findings f...
74  cards
Classroom Activity Stuff - Unit 2
Swallowing is an automatic reflex...,
The childs stomach is round in sh...,
Whats a well tolerated laxative f...
18  cards
Neurologic Dysfunction (Part 1) - Unit 3
What are some differences between...,
Can little little little kids say...,
As myelination progresses what di...
79  cards
Neurologic Dysfunction (Part 2) - Unit 3
What is hydrocephalus,
What are the two types of hydroce...,
What is obstructive non communica...
76  cards
Endocrine Disorders (Part 1) - Unit 3
The endocrine system controls and...,
Many hormones depend on other hor...,
What are some hormones that dont ...
62  cards
Endocrine Disorders (Part 2) - Unit 3
What increases adh secretion,
What is diabetes insipidus,
Di kidneys cannot reabsorb water ...
47  cards
Renal - (Part 1) - Unit 3
What percent of nephrons are pres...,
Kidneys control volume and compos...,
What are some electrolytes involv...
61  cards
Renal - (Part 2) - Unit 3
What are the three different type...,
What is minimal change nephrotic ...,
Which is the most common presenta...
38  cards
Musculoskeletal Dysfunction - Part 1 - Unit 4
Fibers that bind the ends of bone...,
Fibers that connect the bones to ...,
A sprain is a tearing of what
52  cards
Musculoseketal Dysfunction - Part 2 - Unit 4
What are the forms of congenital ...,
What is talipes varus,
What is talipes valgus
44  cards
Hematology/Oncology - Part 1 - Unit 4
Blood has a plasma and cellular p...,
Plasma __ water ___ solutes,
Cellular elements mature red bloo...
62  cards
Hematology/Oncology - Part 2 - Unit 4
What is the purpose of the immune...,
What is the difference between no...,
What is cell mediated immunity
55  cards
Acquired Heart Diseases - Unit 4
Kawasaki disease leading cause of...,
Rheumatic fever autoimmune respon...,
If there a difference between rhe...
48  cards
Care of the child with a cardiovascular disorder - Part 1 - Unit 4
Left side is normally a lower pre...,
Which part of the fetus requires ...,
When the newborn infant takes his...
57  cards
Care of the child with a cardiovascular disorder - Part 2 - Unit 4
What is an atrial septal defect,
What is a vsd,
Av canal what is it two types wha...
25  cards
Selected Childhood Illnesses - Unit 4
What is failure to thrive,
The rate of sids has increased or...,
What is sids
49  cards

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