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Growth & Development
When does average newborn regain ...,
When does birthweight double,
When does birthweight triple
128  cards
Fat soluble vitamins,
Vitamin a,
Vitamin e
271  cards
Parents refuse to immunize childr...,
When is dtap given,
Most effective way to prevent dro...
220  cards
Poisons and Environmental Toxins
Kids are at increased risk for ma...,
What toxin does the placenta spec...,
Can lead transfer across the plac...
196  cards
Fetus and Newborn
What could be a correct explanati...,
What are some causes of increased...,
What is low afp associated with
338  cards
Fluids And Electrolytes
Alkalemia is ph over,
Ph over 740 you are dealing with,
Ph under 740 you are dealing with
246  cards
When can amniocentesis be done,
What is used to track intrauterin...,
When are structural anomalies lik...
193  cards
Allergy & Immunology
What is the most important compon...,
If one parent has atopic disease ...,
If both parents have atopic disea...
247  cards
Infectious Diseases
Bacteria for septicemia in neonat...,
Bacteria for septicemia in infant...,
Bacteria for septicemia in immuno...
702  cards
Inborn Errors of Metabolism
What should come to mind when a p...,
What is often the crucial clue fo...,
What should you focus on with que...
149  cards
What is responsible for the forma...,
What results in the regression of...,
What is the default pattern of di...
393  cards
6 year old with periumbilical pai...,
Name 10 causes of acute abdominal...,
What needs to be considered in an...
479  cards
What 3 things should you consider...,
What is the mneumonic for wheezin...,
Who are aspirated foreign bodies ...
215  cards
What of kids will have a murmur a...,
What of murmurs in children actua...,
What are some buzz words for desc...
221  cards
When is a physiological drop in h...,
How low of a hgb can be normal fo...,
What is done for asymptomatic phy...
499  cards
What is the definition of microsc...,
True or false the urine is not di...,
4 rbcs hpf is considered microsco...
290  cards
Buldge either in the suprapubic o...,
What are findings with an incarce...,
What are 2 conditions that might ...
63  cards
What cause of encephalitis typica...,
What are st louis and west nile v...,
What type of virus causing enceph...
457  cards
What is the medical word for knoc...,
What is the medical word for bow ...,
True or false genu varus is typic...
261  cards
Clustered or grouped vesicles on ...,
What is seen on wright stain in n...,
Where do lesions of neonatal herp...
361  cards
What condition mainly affects the...,
What antigen is positive over 90 ...,
True or false ankylosing spondyli...
220  cards
When do infants begin to develop ...,
When does color perception develop,
When does binocular vision with c...
140  cards
If you see speech delay in an inf...,
What are some clues to hearing lo...,
What are the 2 types of hearing loss
393  cards
Adolescent and GYN
What are the 3 main areas of cogn...,
What are the 3 major tasks of ado...,
What are 2 things that are crucia...
251  cards
Sports Medicine
True or false conditioning progra...,
How often should conditioning pro...,
What is the difference between we...
149  cards
Substance Abuse
How many high school seniors have...,
How many high school seniors repo...,
What otc drug are students abusing
141  cards
Cognition, Language, Learning
What is required to be considered...,
What are the five components of g...,
What is the imaging study of choi...
57  cards
Mental Health
True or false maternal infant bon...,
What is more important to do in t...,
What is the definition of colic
172  cards
Psychosocial Issues
What of kids have full bladder an...,
What is the preferred way to toil...,
What is primary nocturnal enuresi...
154  cards
Critical Care
When does increased intracranial ...,
What is an important signs associ...,
What is the best way to distingui...
87  cards
What is the first priority for an...,
Have a child who has ingested an ...,
What is the equation for et tube ...
151  cards
What is volume of distribution,
What is the concentration of the ...,
What is clearance
81  cards
Which type of test has few false ...,
Which type of test could have lot...,
What type of test is a good scree...
104  cards
True or false there is no ethical...,
True or false the opinion and gui...,
What should be done in cases wher...
110  cards
What is the failure to complete a...,
What is the most common type of m...,
What are some examples of medicat...
39  cards

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