perry's maternal child

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chapter 1-Contemporary Perinatal and Pediatric Nursing in Canada
Which is true regarding perinanta...,
Whihc is true regarding pediatric...,
According to the institute of saf...
23  cards
chapter 2-the family and culture
A married couple lives in a singl...,
In what form do families tend to ...,
What is the focus of relational n...
19  cards
chapter 3-community care
Which is a common health problem ...,
Which health care service represe...,
Which generally rises with greate...
19  cards
chapter 4-perinatal nursing in Canada
Which medical risk factors contri...,
Which woman would be most at risk...,
Which is the main characteristic ...
23  cards
chapter 5-health promotion
Which reflects one purpose of pre...,
The nurse who provides preceoncep...,
What should nurses be aware of co...
16  cards
chapter 6-health assessment
What are two primary functions of...,
The uterus is a muscular pear sha...,
Uterine longitudinal muscle fibre...
24  cards
chapter 8-infertility contraception, abortion
Which test is used to diagnose ba...,
A man smokes two packs of cigaret...,
A couple comes in for an infertil...
32  cards
chapter 9-genetics, conception and fetal development
A father and mother are carriers ...,
The nurse is providing genetic co...,
The nurse is assessing the knowle...
27  cards
chapter 10-anatomy, and physiology of pregnancy
A woman s obstetrical history ind...,
A woman is 6 weeks pregnant she h...,
Over the counter otc pregnancy te...
30  cards
chapter 11-nursing care of the family during pregnancy
The nurse caring for the newly pr...,
A woman arrives at the clinic for...,
For which women would prenatal te...
32  cards
chapter 13-maternal and fetus risk factors
A woman arrives at the clinic see...,
A 39 year old primigravida thinks...,
The nurse sees a woman for the fi...
22  cards
chapter-14 pregnancy risk gestational issues
Which is true about women who exp...,
What should the nurse be aware of...,
Which laboratory result is indica...
29  cards
chapter 15-pregnancy at risk-preexisting conditions
In assessing the knowledge of a p...,
Which is attributable to poor gly...,
In planning for the care of a 30 ...
26  cards
chapter 16-labour and birth processes
A new mother asks the nurse when ...,
What is the term for the relation...,
The nurse has received a report a...
20  cards
chapter 21-physiological changes in the post partum patient
A woman gave birth to an infant b...,
Which woman is most likely to exp...,
A woman gave birth to a healthy i...
20  cards
chapter 24-postpartum complications
The perinatal nurse s assessment ...,
Which is a primary nursing respon...,
Which is the most likely cause of...
35  cards
chapter 45-respiratory conditions
What sentence below best describe...,
Why are cool mist vaporizers rath...,
Decongestant nose drops are recom...
33  cards
chapter 50-cerebral dysfunctions
Which term is used to describe th...,
What term is used when a patient ...,
Which does the glasgow coma scale...
36  cards
chapter 52-integumentary dysfunction
A child falls on the playground a...,
A child steps on a nail and susta...,
What is one important nursing con...
43  cards

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