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Lecture 5: PK
What is pharmacokinetics specific...,
What two properties determine a d...,
Describe a pk curve for a generic...
69  cards
Lecture 6: Drug Interactions
What are the common risk factors ...,
What is the definition of a drug ...,
What are the drug dietary supplem...
33  cards
Lecture 7: ANS
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the function of the sympa...,
What is the function of the paras...
61  cards
Lecture 8: CNS
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the common treatment for ...
69  cards
Lecture 9: Pain Pharmacology
What is the key difference betwee...,
What is the gate control theory,
What do we use non opioid medicat...
103  cards
Lecture 10: CV Part 1
Where does angiotensinogen come from,
Where does renin come from,
What converts angiotensinogen to ...
52  cards
Lecture 11: CV Part 2
What are the 5 functional zones o...,
What generally happens in the pro...,
What generally happens in the des...
80  cards
Lecture 12: Utilizing Electronic Resources
What are some exceptions to elect...,
What is the general format of a p...,
How many patient identifiers do i...
17  cards
Lecture 13: Immune System Drugs
What is steps,
What are the glucocorticoids,
What are the 4 categories of immu...
100  cards
Lecture 14: Adverse Drug Reactions
Define an adverse drug reaction,
Define a medication misadventure,
Define a medication error
42  cards
Lecture 15: Antibiotics Part 1
What color does a g bacteria stain,
What is the main grouping of g ba...,
What is the only coagulase positi...
108  cards
Lecture 16: Antibiotics Part 2
Are all dna synthesis agents bact...,
What do all fluoroquinolones end in,
What are the main 3 fqs used in c...
80  cards
Antibiotic Specifics
What is the drug of choice for mssa,
What drugs undergo biliary excret...,
Which penicillinase resistant pen...
29  cards
Lecture 13: Immune System Drugs (RED ONLY)
What are the 3 main drug classes ...,
What are the 3 s,
What are the main 3 glucocorticoids
39  cards

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