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Chapter 1-drug/agents & Factors
A drug information source that wo...,
A device used to estimate body su...
40  cards
Chapter 2-principles of drug admin
In measuring liquid medication wi...,
The muscle ventrogluteal injectio...,
What is true of subcutaneous inje...
30  cards
Chapter 5-drug therapy pediatric
What is true about pediatric clients,
History of maternal drug use is m...,
Pediatric drug dosages are best b...
32  cards
Chapter 6-drug therapy older client
Oral medications with older clien...,
To enhance drug absorption in pro...,
The nurse understands which of th...
35  cards
Chapter 7- antibacterial and antiviral agents
1 in reconstituting an antibiotic...,
The nurse is preparing to adminis...,
To reduce the possibility of loca...
40  cards
Chapter 8-Antifungal and antiparasitic agents
Malaria is an example of a disord...,
Which of the following is true of...,
A client is prescribed quinine fo...
30  cards
Chapter 9-Anticeptics and disenfectants
An agent that has been shown to c...,
When teaching a client about usin...,
When using isopropanol directly o...
30  cards
Ch `11-Anesthetic agents
Fentanyl innovar is used in surge...,
Droperidol inapsine is used as a ...,
When asked which drug is often ad...
33  cards
Ch 12-Anti-inflamatory agents
The nurse knows to monitor a clie...,
The nurse understands that curren...,
Clients who are allergic to aspir...
33  cards
Chapter 10-Analgesic & Antipyretic
When caring for hospitalized clie...,
Opioid drugs are not generally us...,
Which of the following agents wou...
31  cards
Chapter 13-Agents used to treat hyperuricemia
The nurse understands the most co...,
Allopurinol is an agent used to t...,
An agent that increases uric acid...
29  cards
Chapter 14-Antihistimines ect.
An inflammatory response of the n...,
The nurse understands that histam...,
Which of the following local cort...
37  cards
Chapter 15- Bronchodilators
The nurse is preparing to adminis...,
When working with clients with re...,
Clients should be advised that th...
33  cards
Chapter 16-Antirrhythmic agents
The nurse understands that which ...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
Before administering digoxin or a...
33  cards
Chapter 17-agents that dilate blood vessels
The nurse teaching the client wit...,
When teaching clients about acute...,
The nurse understands that angina...
30  cards
Chapter 18-diuretic and antihypertensives
Diuretics are used in the treatme...,
The health care provider prescrib...,
The client is a 35 year old male ...
30  cards
Chapter 19-agents used to treat hyperlipidemia
When evaluating a client for risk...,
The nurse should include which of...,
When teaching a client about the ...
31  cards
chapter 20-agents affecting blood clotting
The client is receiving heparin b...,
The nurse is preparing to adminis...,
The nurse is preparing to instill...
36  cards
Chapter 21-agents used to treat anemia
The nurse would anticipate the us...,
The nurse understands that the re...,
The client with megaloblastic ane...
30  cards
Chapter 23-agents used to treat hyperacidity
The reason the client s abdominal...,
The client asks the office nurse ...,
The client asks the nurse what th...
35  cards
Chapter 24-agents used to treat antiemetics & emetics
The nurse understands that which ...,
A client is being seen by the hea...,
A pregnant client is admitted wit...
30  cards
chapter 25-agents used to treat laxatives & antidiarrheals
The nurse understands that client...,
The nurse teaching the client rec...,
The nurse applies which of the fo...
31  cards
Chapter 26-CNS sedatives and hypnotics
A client asks the nurse why she d...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
When teaching clients the nurse e...
30  cards
Chapter 28-CNS stimulants
The use of anorectic drugs is con...,
A child is prescribed atomoxetine...,
The nurse identifies nutrition al...
30  cards
Chapter 29-musculosketal health
A client is admitted to the hospi...,
When preparing a client for the a...,
The nurse should monitor clients ...
30  cards
Chapter 30-Parkinsons
When assessing a client s knowled...,
Home care client teaching for cli...,
When developing a care plan for a...
30  cards
Chapter 31-agents affecting seizures/epilepsy
A client is prescribed fosphenyto...,
When teaching a client and his fa...,
The nurse recognizes a generalize...
32  cards
Chapter 33-ANS
The nurse understands that dilati...,
A substance released into a synap...,
Which of the following is a chemi...
33  cards
Chapter 38-agents that affect immunity
When teaching the client about hi...,
The nurse recognizes which of the...,
The vaccine injury compensation a...
30  cards
Chapter 39-drugs used in cancer treatment
Which of the following is an appr...,
The client recently received a di...,
The nurse understands that medica...
40  cards
Chapter 40-eye
Which are the two major classes o...,
The nurse understands that an imp...,
A client is prescribed lotepredno...
30  cards
Chapter 42-Integumentary medications
Debriding agents are used to trea...,
A mother asks the nurse if there ...,
When teaching a client about beca...
30  cards
Chapter 41- ears
The nurse is aware that which of ...,
Which of the following ototopical...,
A nurse has otitis media om due t...
20  cards

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