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Pharmacologic Principles, Drug Absorption, and Distribution
Substance bound to receptor at ce...,
Published values for vd have unit...,
Extent of absorption aka
138  cards
Fall Exam I Active Learning Questions
The most common mechanism for dru...,
Alcohol is a small hydrophilic mo...,
First pass effect is most commonl...
35  cards
Drug Metabolism and Excretion
The inhibition can be the result ...,
Potential for drug drug interacti...,
Infant exposure to maternal drugs...
132  cards
Pharmacokinetic- Elimination/Pharmacodynamics
What factors affect the affinity ...,
If tau is much longer than t1 2 a...,
What is the clinical use of t1 2
128  cards
Additional Exam 1 Information
Clinically relevant inducers,
Pk toxicokinetic strategies for p...,
What is an anda abbreviated new d...
172  cards
ANS Anatomy and Physiology
The autonomic nervous system has ...,
Agonists and antagonists of auton...,
Physiochemical properties that al...
72  cards
Destruction of walls in acinus di...,
Asthma is ___ inflammatory respon...,
W asthma inflammatory mediators a...
149  cards
CVS Physiology and Antiarrhythmics
Describe the p wave,
Describe the pr interval,
Describe the qrs interval
112  cards
Heart Failure
Describe the compensatory changes...,
Acute and chronic effects of comp...,
What are the specific goals of hf...
58  cards
Antianginal Agents and Vasodilators
What are the major determinants o...,
Direct factors that influence cor...,
Coronary blood flow and ultimatel...
66  cards
Most diuretics exert effects at _...,
Mechanisms of actions for diureti...,
___ is the major extracellular ca...
69  cards
Use of 2 drugs with different mec...,
Which of the following antihypert...,
Which of the following antihypert...
116  cards
In addition to lowering ldl c lev...,
A 59 year old man in good health ...,
According to one meta analysis ea...
95  cards
Anti-thrombotic Agents
What are venous and arterial thro...,
What are the main uses of anticoa...,
What are the main uses of antipla...
104  cards
Antibiotic Charts
What is the moa of penicillins,
What is bactericidal vs bacterios...,
Describe the absorption of penici...
160  cards
TB, Anti-fungals, Anti-viral Charts
What is the moa of isoniazid,
What is the absorption and metabo...,
What is the spectrum of isoniazid
100  cards
Hypothalamic and Pituitary Pharm
Describe the control of anterior ...,
Describe the control of anterior ...,
Describe what anterior and poster...
44  cards
Adrenal Corticosteroids
What are the 3 modes of regulatio...,
Pituitary adrenocorticotropic hor...,
Long term administration of large...
59  cards
Describe the therapeutic and adve...,
Describe the therapeutic and adve...,
What are the physiologic effects ...
98  cards
Androgen Pharmacology
Describe the function and locatio...,
Pituitary begins to secrete lh an...,
Pituitary begins to secrete lh an...
48  cards
What stimulates and inhibits tsh ...,
Describe the biosynthesis of th a...,
Describe the moa of thyroid hormone
73  cards
Calcium and Bone
What is the entry storage exit an...,
Describe the effects of 1 25 oh2 ...,
Describe the effects of pth on ca...
83  cards
Insulin and Diabetes
Describe the age onset primary ca...,
Describe the age onset primary ca...,
Describe the symptoms proneness t...
101  cards
MSK Pain
Acute pain is primarily ___,
Compare nociceptive vs neuropathi...,
Describe somatic pain
39  cards
Describe the moa of tnsaids,
Describe the uses of tnsaids,
Adverse reactions of cox1 related
104  cards
Effects of opioid peptides can be...,
Opioid receptors are ____ and the...,
Mu morphine receptors are ____ an...
88  cards
Local Anesthetics
Adding a vasoconstrictor to a loc...,
Describe what each part of a loca...,
Describe how inflammation or infe...
67  cards
Antipsychotic Drugs
Describe the dopamine hypothesis ...,
Drugs that increase dopaminergic ...,
Most effective way to tx positive...
53  cards
A 25 year old woman has a long hi...,
Ssris are much less effective tha...,
Premenstrual depressive disorder ...
58  cards
Anxiety, Sedatives, Insomnia, Hypnotic Agents
Diazepam resembles other general ...,
Which of the following statements...,
Bdz ___ cl channel opening in onl...
49  cards
Epilepsy treatment aimed at,
Moa of gabapentin and pregabalin,
Moa of valproic acid divaloproex
39  cards

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