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Pharma MCQ 3
Hydralazine clinical effect,
How is hydralazine metabolised,
How does gtn produce vasodilation
17  cards
Pharma MCQ 2
How many quaternary amines has su...,
How is succinylcholine broken down,
What enzyme can prolong the actio...
27  cards
MCQ's: Antibiotics
Which of these antibiotics are ef...,
Aztreonam covers which bacteria,
What are bateriocidal antibiotics
23  cards
MCQ's: Diabetic Drugs
Metformin 1 metabolised in,
What class of drug is metformin,
What is metformins half life
30  cards
MCQ's: Drugs used In Epilepsy
Sodium valproate mode of action,
Sodium valproate 1 contra indicat...,
Valproic acid 1 metabolism 2 form...
25  cards
Morphine 1 pka 2 percentages ioni...,
Pethidine 1 pka 2 unionised at ph 74,
Fentanyl 1 pka 2 unionised 3 whic...
21  cards
Induction Agents
Which agents are water soluble wh...,
Which agent has the shortest and ...,
Which agent has the shortest term...
16  cards
Ch 3. Drug Action
Dicobalt edetate uses,
Uses of y cyclodextrin,
What s the purpose of voltage gat...
22  cards
Pharma MCQ 4
By what mechanism do drugs cross ...,
How does fetal ph compare to mothers,
Which of the following drugs are ...
16  cards
Pharma MCQ 5
How is atracurium metabolised,
What is atracurium broken down in...,
How much protein bound is atracurium
25  cards
How is n2o stored what state cyli...,
N2o mac systemic effects,
N2o blood gas coefficient oil gas...
33  cards
Thiopental molecular form storage...,
Thiopental induction dose uses,
Thiopental effect on hr contracti...
17  cards
MCQ's: Intravenous Agents and Sedatives
Propofol produces vasodilatation ...,
Propofol has has a hydroxyl group...,
T f propofol undergoes both phase...
18  cards
MCQ's: CVS 1
Esmolol select true or false for ...,
The following statements about se...,
Milrinone select true or false fo...
11  cards
MCQ's: CVS 2
The following are recognised comp...,
The following beta blockers are m...,
Labetolol select true or falsea a...
10  cards
Pharma MCQ 7
The half life of a drug affects t...,
How is the half life of a drug re...,
What can be calculated from the c...
30  cards
Local Anaesthetics eLFH
What is phase 1 action potential,
What is phase 2 of the action pot...,
What is phase 3 of the action pot...
35  cards
Depolarising Muscle Relaxants eLFH
What does acetylcholine bind to o...,
What percentage of nachrs need to...,
Under normal conditions how long ...
26  cards
NDM Relaxant eLFH
How are non depolarising muscle r...,
What are the classifications of n...,
What percentage of receptors are ...
27  cards
Pharma MCQ 8
Bg coefficient xenon,
Bg coefficient desflurane,
Bg coefficient n2o
20  cards
Pharma MCQ 9
Magnesium infusion causes 1 incre...,
Main function of sodium nitroprus...,
How can sodium nitroprusside effe...
20  cards
Penicillins target what part of b...,
What do clavulanic acid and tazob...,
Metabolism of penicillins
16  cards
Abx + Mechanism
21  cards
Anti-virals and Anti-fungals
0  cards
Thiazide effect on biochemistry c...
8  cards

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