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A1-2: Pharmacodynamics
Difference between pharmacodynami...,
What are the broad categories tha...,
What are some examples of recepto...
19  cards
A3: Pharmacokinetics, pt. 1
What is pharmacokinetics,
What important,
What are the 4 main membrane tran...
39  cards
A4: Pharmacokinetics, pt. 2
What is the main aim of biotransf...,
What are the 3 main types of phas...,
There are
31  cards
A5-6: Cholinergic and Adrenergic Transmission/Modification, Ganglion Blockers
What are the 5 basic steps in neu...,
What type of receptors are nicoti...,
Cholinergic transmission is invol...
22  cards
A7-8: Cholinomimetics, Muscarinic Receptor Blocking Drugs
What are the two major categories...,
What are the typical effects of s...,
Muscarinic effects
25  cards
A9-10: Catecholamines, Indirect Sympathomimetics, alpha agonists.
Quick review what is the,
What are the 3 endogenous catecho...,
Describe the mechanisms for
40  cards
A11-12: alpha and beta receptor antagonists
Selective alpha atg,
What are the 1a antagonist drugs,
What are the indications for 1 re...
29  cards
A13-14: Central + NMJ Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
Describe the nachr,
What are the two,
List some indications for
27  cards
A15-16: Beta2 stimulants / Bronchodilators, Anti-inflamm Asthma treatment, Antitussives, Expectorants
0  cards
B1-2: Inhalation Anesthetics. IV Anesthetics. Neurolept Analgesia. Perioperative meds.
What is general anesthesia,
What are 5 aims of general anesth...,
How does a general anesthetics li...
45  cards
B3-4: Benzodiazepines + Non-Benzo Anxiolytics, Hypnotics
How is gaba synthesized how is it...,
What are the types of gaba receptors,
What are the subunits of the gaba...
28  cards
B5-6: 1st (typical) and 2nd (atypical) Generation Antipsychotics
What is schizophrenia what are th...,
What are positive and negative sy...,
Changes in which three neurotrans...
31  cards
B7-9: Antidepressants (Cyclic, MAOI, SSRI/SNRI, NE/5-HT Antagonists) + Manic phase bipolar treatment
Background what was the early pat...,
What are the 3 main categories of...,
Serotonin synth
43  cards
B10-11: Antiepileptics (Broad Spectrum and Non-Broad Spectrum. Drugs for Status Epilepticus)
What is the definition of seizure...,
What are the different categories...,
What is the difference between ge...
58  cards
B12: Neurodegenerative disorder treatment, Nootropic drugs
Background what is,
Background what are some
27  cards
B13: Local anesthetics
What is the function of a local a...,
Very generally,
What is the main molecular target...
31  cards
Prescription Writing
Analgesic powder for headache,
Combined smooth muscle relaxant a...,
Salt laxative
15  cards

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