pharmacology test 1

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Principles of Drug Action
Drug dosage absorption distributi...,
Concentration of drug at site of ...,
Drug indications means getting wh...
27  cards
____ ____ ____ is still the centr...,
The 4 superfamilies of receptors,
What are located on cell surface ...
48  cards
Drug Disposition I
Rate of passive lipid diffusion d...,
2 major classes of drug transporters,
Slc transporters co transport sol...
47  cards
Drug Disposition II
Why is drug metabolism important,
A member of the cytochrome p450 c...,
Key information needed to predict...
22  cards
Drug Disposition III
Important pharmacokinetic parameters,
During time course of drug action...,
Drug action models are especially...
48  cards
Drug polymorphism where there are...,
What polymorphism is usually due ...,
Ways to detect pharmacogenetic tr...
13  cards
Anatomy & Pharmacology of ANS
Sympathetic nervous system respon...,
What eye muscles relax for far vi...,
The trachea and bronchii ______ d...
57  cards
Neuroeffector Junctions II
What receptors contain the bindin...,
This drug binds to the acetylchol...,
Which drug is hydrolyzed by plasm...
22  cards
Neuroeffector Junctions III
What will mimic effects of parasy...,
________ inhibitors of ach estera...,
Inhibitors of acetylcholinesteras...
22  cards
Sympathomimetic Drugs
Cardiac muscle mainly has what ty...,
Vascular smooth muscle has mainly...,
Activates both alpha and beta rec...
20  cards
Sympatholytic Drugs
What drug is a non selective beta...,
Commonly used in treatment of hyp...,
What drug is contraindicated by a...
16  cards

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pharmacology test 1

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