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Chapter 1
Definition drug,
Definition pharmacology,
Definition clinical pharmacology
23  cards
Three ways to cross a cell membrane,
Four basic processes of pharmacok...,
Which of these can cross cell mem...
40  cards
ATI Oral Medications
Unit dose system,
Pharmacy bulk system,
22  cards
ATI Safe Dosage
Name the rights of administration,
Name the types of perscriptions,
Name the steps of the nursing pro...
9  cards
Drug-Drug Interactions
Drug drug interaction 1 1 2,
Drug drug interaction a b b,
Drug drug interaction 1 1 5
28  cards
Individual Variations and Lifespan Considerations
Individual variation due to kidne...,
Individual variation due to liver...,
Decreased responsiveness to a dru...
30  cards
Medication Administration
T f nurses are responsible for th...,
Process of checking home meds vs ...,
7 components of a medication order
32  cards
Medication Administration Full
Thanks Emily S!
122  cards
Intro to Antibiotics
Type of anti infective viruses,
Type of anti infective fungus and...
37  cards
Mechanism of action,
Mechanism of action,
Mechanism of action
172  cards
Antibiotics Intro
Thanks Kol!
41  cards
Antibiotics 1
Thanks Kol!
66  cards
Antibiotics 2
Thanks Kol!
62  cards
Antifungal, Antihelmintic, Ectoparasitic
Thanks Kol!
59  cards
Non-HIV Antiviral
How are flus named,
Strategies for flu management,
Three types of flu vaccines
21  cards
HIV Antivirals
Is hiv an rna or dna virus,
Which cells do hiv infect,
Stages of hiv
44  cards
CNS and Pain Drugs
Abrupt discontinuation will preci...,
Expected onset of oral drugs,
When is oral pain medication pref...
11  cards
Immunization Self Study
A patient who produced antibodies...,
The nurse at the immunization cli...,
The nurse is teaching an immuniza...
10  cards
How long between puffs,
An inhaler with a spacer delivers...,
Categories of bronchodilators
39  cards
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
Role of dopamine,
Neurotransmitters involved in par...,
Most effective drug for parkinson s
38  cards

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