ubspps phm601 cardio/renal pharmacotherapeutics

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Heart Failure
Which beta blockers decrease mort...,
What are aes of beta blockers,
What are pearls of beta blockers 4
73  cards
P2Y12 Inhibitors Drug Info
Which of the following p2y12 inhi...,
Which of the following have the f...,
What is the primary metabolism pa...
21  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease
21  cards
Drugs in PAD
Intermittent claudication,
General treatment for acute limb ...,
What is used as emergency treatme...
10  cards
DI Vasodilation (ADHF)
In what classification would you ...,
What is the clinical presentation...,
What is hypoperfusion
13  cards
Signs and Symptoms of Hypoperfusion
What are the signs sx s of hypope...,
What happens during hypoperfusion,
Methods to treat hypoperfusion
6  cards
What is the brand name for sacubi...,
What is the mechanism of action f...,
What is the mechanism of action f...
26  cards
DI Vaso/venodilators
What is the usual starting dose f...,
What is the usual starting dose f...,
What is the usual starting dose f...
15  cards
HFpEF Treatment
What are the drugs to avoid in hfpef,
What was the first agent speciall...,
What is the ef associated with hf...
26  cards
Signs and Symptoms of Congestion
Clinical presentation of congestion,
What happens during congestion,
When looking at a patient with ac...
10  cards
DI Inotropy (ADHF)
What is digoxin a major substate of,
What are some drug interactions w...,
What are the medications that inc...
6  cards
DI Ivabradine
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What are the two adverse effects ...,
Is ivabradine a morbidity reducin...
9  cards
DI Heparin & Enoxaparin
What are anticoagulation options ...,
Moa heparin and enoxaparin,
Enoxaparin use in ua nstemi
11  cards
SL and Long Acting Nitrates (SIHD)
Can you give iv ntg right away fo...,
When is it best to use a long act...,
What are the counseling pearls of...
10  cards
DI SGLT2 Inhibitors
What is the starting and target d...,
True or false sglt2 inhibitors he...,
What is the egfr requirement for ...
13  cards
VTE Prophylaxis Dosing - Group 12
How do we dose heparin to prevent...,
What is the route of administrati...,
How should we dose heparin in a p...
11  cards
Heparin moa,
Heparin route of administration,
Heparin half life
61  cards
A patient with acute isolated dis...,
If a patient with acute isolated ...,
Name 3 fibrinolytics
35  cards
Where is the padua score utilized,
Padua score 4,
Padua score or to 4
14  cards
Dabigatran Drug Information
What is dabigatran s brand name,
What is dabigatran s drug class,
What are dabigatran s monitoring ...
8  cards
HIT Risk Factors
Risk factors for hit,
Source of heparin at greater risk...,
Type of heparin product at greate...
7  cards
PE Classification
How does a patient present if the...,
How does a patient present if the...,
How does a patient present if the...
11  cards
Proximal DVT Treatment Recommendations
What are the most commonly affect...,
What is provoked dvt,
What are common causes of provoke...
11  cards
DI Argatroban
Mechanism of action of argatroban,
Route of administration of argatr...,
Half life of argatroban
6  cards
What are the monitoring parameter...,
Another name for lmwh,
On which parts of the coagulation...
4  cards
Malignancy VTE Prophlyaxis
True or false all outpatients wit...,
True or false patients with a mul...,
What can a high risk cancer patie...
5  cards
True or false apixaban dosing for...,
What are the renal dosing adjustm...,
True or false afib dosing of riva...
171  cards
DI Apixaban
Apixaban eliquis moa,
Apixaban eliquis routh,
Apixaban eliquis dose for afib
7  cards
CV and Diabetes drugs
0  cards
0  cards
Atrial Fibrillation
0  cards
Atrial Fibrillation
Components of cha2ds2vasc score,
Anticoagulation indicated in men ...,
Anticoagulation indicated in wome...
37  cards

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