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Chapter 28: (Drugs) The Respiratory System
Promethazine codeine generic
14  cards
Chapter 29: (Drugs) The Cardiovascular, Circulatory, and Lymph Systems
27  cards
Chapter 30: (Drugs) The Immune System
Amoxicillin generic,
Ticarcillin generic
30  cards
Chapter 31: (Drugs) The Renal System
Calcitrol generic,
Calcium acetate generic,
Epogen procrit trade
12  cards
Chapter 32: (Drugs) The Endocrine System
Rapid acting insulin,
Short acting insulin 30 60 minutes,
Intermediate acting insulin
23  cards
Chapter 33: (Drugs) The Reproductive System
Levonorgestrel generic,
Drugs and herbs that interact wit...,
Conjugated estrogens generic
32  cards
Chapter 34: (Drugs) The Nervous System
Citalopram genric,
Paroxetine generic,
Fluoxetine generic
49  cards
Chapter 24: The Skin
Largest organ of the body,
Functions of the skin,
The epidermis dermis and subcutan...
35  cards
Chapter 25: The Eyes and Ears
An infection of one or more of th...,
An infection of the eyelid margin...,
The acute or chronic inflammation...
22  cards
Chapter 26: The Gastrointestinal System
What auxiliary label should come ...,
Bad cholesterol,
Good cholesterol
16  cards
Top 200 Drugs
Prinvil qbrelis
200  cards
Chapter 27: The Musculoskeletal System
A bacterial infection inside the ...,
A bone brittleness due to lack of...,
Changes the normal process of bon...
20  cards
Chapter 28: The Respiratory System
What is used to treat the common ...,
Treatments for the symptoms of a ...,
What drugs can commonly contribut...
14  cards
Chapter 29: The Cardiovascular, Circulatory, and Lymph Systems
What are the risk factors for hig...,
Cardiac glycoside drug of choice
37  cards

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