!pharmacy tech year 1

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312: Eye, ear, nose and dermatological medicines
What causes glaucoma,
What is the watery fluid in the e...,
What are the tiny drainage channe...
24  cards
302: Biological Principles for Pharmacy Technicians
What type of molecule is a carboh...,
What is the general formula of ca...,
Which three elements make up carb...
121  cards
311 - Malignant disease, immunosuppressive and muskoskeletal medicines
What shape is dna,
What are the bases in dna,
What is the process in which dna ...
71  cards
308 - CNS & Anaesthesia (March)
What is epilepsy,
What is it called if there is no ...,
At what age does epilepsy usually...
11  cards
310 Endocrine and genito-urinary medicines
Which two hormones does the thyro...,
Which hormone controls the releas...,
Which is the active thyroid hormone
173  cards
309 - infections, immunological products and vaccines
Which type of pathogen causes tub...,
What is the name of the bacterium...,
What are the common symptoms of t...
66  cards
319 - Making Medicines For Pharmacy
What is the medicines act,
What is the orange guide,
What does clp stand for
158  cards
What are the four main groups of ...,
Which of the microorganisms are e...,
Which of the microorganisms are p...
104  cards
304 - Human Physiology for Pharmacy
Label the organelles,
What is a tissue,
What is the scientific name of an...
139  cards
Cardio-respiratory Medicines (307)
exam - 11th July
78  cards
308 - Central Nervous System and Anaesthesia
At what age might people start sh...,
What does parkinsons affect,
If parkinsons disease occurs betw...
129  cards
315 - Communicating in Pharmacy
How many days should alcohol cons...,
Which bmi range is considered obese,
When are requests by patient symp...
73  cards
317 - Pharmaceutics
What is the importance of perform...,
Is a 3 solution of sodium chlorid...,
Is a 1 in 4 cream contatining bet...
101  cards
Community Pharmacy and Practice (313)
What is a wound defined as,
What causes wounds,
What factors should be considered...
106  cards
Pharmacy Law, Ethics and Practice (318)
What year was the medicines act,
What does the medicines act 1968 ...,
What three classes of medicines d...
94  cards
Professional Development in Pharmacy (314)
According to mehrabians communica...,
According to mehrabians communica...,
According to mehrabians communica...
48  cards
Dispensing and Supply of Medicines (316)
What does the latin abbreviation ...,
What does the latin abbreviation ...,
What does the latin abbreviation ...
174  cards
Actions and Uses of Medicines (305)
What is the use of the bnf,
Who produces the bnf,
How often is the bnf published
220  cards
Definitions & other bits
What are the 9 standards for phar...,
What is exudate,
What is debridement
17  cards
Law Exam Concise Deck
The at each installment of an ins...,
What must a pre reg technician co...,
What records must be kept for cd ...
112  cards
306 Gastrointestinal And Nutritional Medicines
What does gord stand for,
What is gord,
What are the symptoms of gord
31  cards
301: Chemical principles for pharmacy technicians
What is the definition of matter,
What is the atomic number,
What is the mass number
37  cards

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