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Define inflammation,
How is inflammation classified,
Outline qualities of acute inflam...
207  cards
What is haematopoiesis,
What types of barriers make up th...,
What are the 2 branches of the im...
172  cards
What is pharmacology,
What is pharmacodynamics,
Pharmacokinetics how are the majo...
142  cards
What is a pathogen,
What is a commensal,
What is an opportunist pathogen
356  cards
Define type 1 diabetes,
What is the difference between si...,
What is the defintion of diab
359  cards
Define atherosclerosis,
What are the 3 main constituents ...,
What is the primary cause of athe...
378  cards
What is dipolarisation,
What is the intrinsic rate of a s...,
What is represented by a one smal...
108  cards
Define anaemia,
What can anaemia be subdivided into,
Nearly all types of anaemia prese...
287  cards
Normal physiology outline some of...,
Define what acute liver failure is,
What characterises acute liver fa...
322  cards
Outline the epidemiology behind c...,
Where does crohn s affect where d...
284  cards
What are renal stones also known as,
What is the most common age to ge...,
What are some risk factors for ne...
360  cards
What are the 2 types of bone at a...,
What do the minerals and collagen...,
Define osteoarthritis
290  cards
Recap outline the main roles of t...,
Recap what are the main responsib...,
What are a collection of cell bod...
479  cards
What is chronic obstructive pulmo...,
What are the conditions that are ...,
What is the epidemiology of copd
340  cards
When do mothers have their checks...,
What kind of things should you as...,
How long should a women not drive...
36  cards
In order to induce anaesthesia qu...,
In anaesthetics why does an addit...,
Where does a drug need to be in o...
76  cards
What is mental health as a defini...,
What are some specific mental hea...,
What are the symptoms of burnout
137  cards
Scores for Conditions
What score is used to diagnose dv...,
What score is used to calculate t...,
What score is used to calculate s...
26  cards

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